waterproof floor box

Arnev Products bring you the waterproof floor box you have been searching for. It is not common to find a high quality floor box that is fully IP66 rated waterproof. That means that when its in the closed position not one drop of water will be coming into the outlet. You can feel confident when planning your design that our specialized floor boxes will not let you down. Select from our push button or hex key opening models. Both have stainless steel finishes and look extremely slick and elegant when installed. We deliver high quality outlet solutions for customers who appreciate durability and style.

We Offer Full Instructions With Our Products so You Know They Will Fit the Application

The waterproof floor box is designed for hard floors such as concrete, brick patio pavers, tile and similar flooring. They are not designed for wood floors, deck or other similar flooring. You can use it outdoors or indoors; the ideal solution for areas that get wet frequently or areas outdoors. With a stainless #316 surface you will be pleased to know that the cover is corrosion resistant and resistant to pitting that frequently accompanies chloride ion solutions like those from pools. The stainless steel is also strong in high temperatures and wont warp or bend. We provide all the relevant instructions and a comprehensive drawing of the box. Always remember that this should be installed after electrical inspector authorization.

The Waterproof Floor Box is Here to Provide Practical Solutions for Design Needs

You want an outlet on the floor outdoors on the patio. That seems simple enough but in reality it is not that simple. Over time having an outlet that is subject to the elements can cause issues with the wiring. Things will corrode and if water gets in well you might have compromised your system. This is most relevant when talking about floor boxes. If the outlet is installed in the floor your only preventative measure is to make sure that you are keeping the outlet dry with a waterproof cover. Don't be fooled by 'weather proof' it is not the same as the standard these two products bring. Weather proof does not mean moisture wont collect within the outlet or that water wont find a way in. With our products you can rest assured that you will be doing your best to protect your system with the highest quality available. Get your waterproof floor box today and enjoy a lasting, functional feature in your new build.