We can do special shipping via UPS Ground, Next Day Air, or Overnight service, but the customer needs to call for this service at 800-260-1181.
Customer service: 800-260-1181
After hours: 847-220-0396 till 6 PM Central time
Monday-Thursday 9 AM to 5 PM Central time, Fridays 9 AM to 4 PM Central time.

Shipping and Handling information

All packages will be shipped by US Priority Mail to the shipping address on the invoice we receive from the customer.  We can do special shipping via UPS, but this has to be called in to confirm the shipping method.   No FedEx at this time.
Special Rush Shipping Charges and Conditions, so Please Note:  If you need special shipping you must call us at 800-260-1181 and we will make the necessary arrangements to get the parcel to you as you request (UPS overnight, next day air, or 3-day select, or by the US Mail).  We only charge what the rate is, so there are no additional upcharges on shipping.  If you choose to have these rush services with Arnev Products, Inc., along with UPS or the Post Office, and the parcel is not able to be delivered as promised due to weather conditions or acts of God, or any other unforeseen situations, we are not responsible, and you are still charged the rate you paid for that service.  These services are at your own risk.  UPS or the Post Office have specific regulations which you could read on their websites or www.ups.com, or www.usps.com.  Also, if you don't want the parcel shipped by US Mail, or UPS let us know in the customer comments box after you place your order. 
Mondays orders, ship on Tuesday
Tuesday's orders, ship on Wednesday
Wednesday's orders, ship on Thursday
Thursdays orders, ship on Friday
Friday-Saturday-Sunday orders, ship on Monday.
This is to give our customers a chance to double-check their orders, and if necessary to make changes by calling customer service at 800-260-1181.
Floor box orders are processed the same day if received by noon.
Next Day Air, 2nd Day, and 3 Day Select are available on floor box orders, but you need to call to make arrangements.  These are all upcharges on shipping, so call 800-260-1181 for customer service.
Please see our shipping and handling scale below. The prices listed are for Ground Shipment only. Please call us at 800-260-1181 for orders that require 2 days or overnight shipment.

Standard US Ground Shipping and Handling Rates

$0.00 to $20.00            $ 10.75

$20.01 to 30.00            $12.25

$30.01 to $40.00          $12.75

$40.01 to $50.00          $13.25

$50.01 to $60.00          $13.75

$60.01 to $70.00          $14.25

$70.01 to $80.00          $14.75

$80.01 to $90.00          $15.25

$90.01 to $100.00        $15.75

$100.01 to $110.00      $16.25

$110.01 to $120.00      $16.75

$120.01 to $130.00      $17.25

$130.01 to $140.00      $17.75

$140.01 to $150.00      $18.25

$150.01 to $160.00      $18.75

$160.01 to $170.00      $19.25

$170.01 to $180.00      $19.75

$180.01 to $190.00      $20.25

$190.01 to $200.00      $20.75

$200.01 to $250.00      $25.25
$250.01 to $300.00      $27.25
$300.01 to $350.00      $31.25
$350.01 to $400.00      $36.25
$400.01 to $450.00      $40.25
$450.01 to $500.00      $44.25
$500.01 to $1000.00    $85.00
$1000.01 to $1500.00  $125.00
$1500.01 to $2000.00  $150.00
$2000.01 to $2500.00  $FREE
$2500.01 to $3000.00  $FREE
$3000.01 to $4000.00  $FREE
$4000.01 to $5000.00  $FREE
Over $5000.01              Free Shipping


Canada and Mexico Standard Ground Rates
$1.00 to $20.00            $22.00
$20.01 to $30.00          $24.00
$30.01 to $40.00          $2600
$40.01 to $50.00          $28.00
$50.01 to $60.00          $30.00
$60.01 to $70.00          $32.00
$70.01 to $80.00          $34.00
$80.01 to $90.00          $38.00
$90.01 to $100.00        $40.00
$100.01 to $110.00      $42.00
$110.01 to $120.00      $44.00
$120.01 to $130.00      $46.00
$130.01 to $140.00      $48.00
$140.01 to $150.00      $50.00
$150.01 to $160.00      $52.00
$160.01 to $170.00      $54.00
$170.01 to $180.00      $56.00
$180.01 to $190.00      $58.00
$190.01 to $200.00      $60.00
$200.01 to $250.00      $65.00
$250.01 to $300.00      $70.00
$300.01 to $350.00      $80.00
$350.01 to $400.00      $90.00
$400.01 to $450.00      $100.00
$450.01 to $500.00      $130.00
$500.01 to $1000.00    $140.00
$1000.01 to $1500.00  $160.00
$1500.01 to $2000.00  $175.00
$2000.01 to $3000.00  $FREE
$3000.01 to $4000.00  $FREE
$4000.01 to $5000.00  $FREE
Over $5000.01         Free Shipping

Add'l delivery charges apply to APO, FPO, and other addresses outside the 48 states like Puerto Rico which is a US territory, and do not exceed the actual costs incurred by Arnev Products, Inc. All special delivery by UPS ground (Next Day Air-2nd Day Air-3 Day Select, etc.) are available and will be charged the actual extra UPS rates from all our shipping locations-Wisconsin, Washington State, Georgia, or Illinois warehouses, Florida, or California, depending on the products ordered.
Appropriate Sales Taxes are applied to an order when the following occurs:
Appropriate Sales Tax will be added to all orders for the following states Florida, California, Wisconsin, Washington, Georgia, and Illinois, when products are shipped from our warehouses in those states direct to our customers the delivered to addresses in these same states (i.e. products shipped from our Florida warehouse to a Florida customer).  By law, we are required to collect and pay these sales taxes......We don't like it, but that is the law!
Some customers think our shipping and handling prices are too high, but here is what's involved in getting your package to you as soon as possible.  

1. We send everything Priority Mail except our cabinet hardware and floor boxes and accessories which are sent by UPS, and it's a minimum to us of approx. $8.50-10 for 1 lb. for that service to start with, depending on where it's shipped to in the country.  

2. What is a handling charge?  We have to pay for labels, packaging supplies, ink cartridges for the printers, staples, polybags, and craft paper for stuffing, and we try not to use old newspapers.  Then on top of that, we pay an employee to put it all together.  We don't make money on shipping,  we break even.

We spend thousands of dollars a week on shipping and we too think it's ridiculous to have to pay that much, but we have no control over it.  We can't send first-class mail, as there is no tracking or insurance like there is with UPS to protect our customer's shipments.  If the Post Office loses the package or delivers it to the wrong address, we have no recourse.
We hope you understand our position on this.
Shipping schedule:
Orders placed on Fridays, Sat, Sun, and Mondays are all shipping on Tuesdays..........Tuesday's orders are shipping on Wednesdays............. Wednesdays orders are Shipping on Thursday, and Thursdays are shipping on Friday............this does not apply when there is a holiday as we do our best to ship the very next day in most cases.
Thank you for your cooperation..........Arnev Products, Inc.