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Switch Plate Configurations

single switch plateSS
Outlet cover with single toggle switch
Just flip them over for switchplates

These images above are all the different electrical Light Switch Covers - Outlet Cover configurations we offer in almost all of our switch plate products. These are all mid-sized, and not oversized, but about 1/4" larger on all sides than a standard small switch plate cover. We make these wallplates slightly larger to cover up any paint lines, wallpaper lines, or bad cuts in the drywall, and our customers love them. So click on any electrical Light Switch Covers - Outlet Covers configuration you need and it will take you to all the available colors, finishes, or designs you may want to use, and then click on the category like painted finishes, or pre-finished metal finishes, or wooden switchplates, or whatever you desire to place your order. Thank you, Arnev Products, Inc. 800-260-1181 for customer service.

These products below are special low voltage inserts for our Decora type or GF type Light Switch Covers - Outlet Covers when you need a telephone jack, or cable jack, HDMI or Cat5-6, or a combination of any of the devices for your needs.