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Floor Box Goof Rings for bad cuts in wood & concrete floors.
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Floor Box Goof Rings for bad cuts in wood & concrete floors.

These floor box cover Goof Rings are for bad cuts in the floor for floor box covers. Available in three sizes on the inside dimensions, one is 4 inches I.D. and the other is 4.5 inches I.D, and both are 7.5" O.D, and our new Nickel Silver finish is 5" I.D by 7.5" O.D, and will fit almost all the round floor box receptacle covers on the market today.  These floor box "Goof Rings" are also available in two standard finishes, brass or brushed aluminum, our new Nickel Silver finish, or you can choose one of our 38 custom finishes.  So, if you have this type of floor box receptacle problem, Arnev Products has the solution, so click on the image below to take you to see the ordering page. 

No floor box covers are included with these "Floor Box Goof Rings".  If you need a floor box or cover, please CLICK HERE  PULL THIS PAGE DOWN TO START ORDERING, and choose the size below. 

Nickel Silver Finish Now Available in 5" Center Opening.

Click Here for What size to order.  See Below, so pull this page way down; to see the installation instructions.

  • $49.95

  • Price Buy
    Brushed Brass lacquer finish (IN TWO SIZES) $49.95  
    Brushed Aluminum finish NOTE: OUT OF STOCK AT THIS TIME WITH 4.5" I.D. (IN TWO SIZES) $49.95  
    Nickel Silver finish (NOW IN THREE SIZES) $49.95  
    #1 Pewter Matte $144.95  
    #2 Bronze $124.95  
    #3 Bronze with Gold Wash $124.95  
    #5 Gold $124.95  
    #7 Black $124.95  
    #8 Pewter Bright $144.95  
    #10 Verdigris $124.95  
    #12 Copper Bright $124.95  
    #13 Copper Bronze $124.95  
    #15 Satin Pearl $124.95  
    #16 Antique Copper $124.95  
    #17 Weathered White $124.95  
    #20 Satin Pewter $144.95  
    #21 Antique Gold $124.95  
    #23 Brushed Natural Pewter $144.95  
    #130 Pewter with Terra-Cotta Wash $144.95  
    #132 Pewter with Bronze Wash $144.95  
    #133 Pewter with Copper Wash $144.95  
    #134 Pewter with Verdi Wash $144.95  
    #135 Pewter with White Wash $144.95  
    #137 Pewter with Cherry Wash $144.95  
    #138 Pewter with Maple Wash $144.95  
    #231 Bronze with Black Wash $124.95  
    #233 Bronze with Copper Wash $124.95  
    #234 Bronze with Verdi Wash $124.95  
    #730 Black with Terra-Cotta Wash $124.95  
    #732 Black with Bronze Wash $124.95  
    #733 Black with Copper Wash $124.95  
    #734 black with Verdi Wash $124.95  
    #736 Black with Chocolate Wash $124.95  
    #737 Black with Cherry Wash $124.95  
    #738 Black with Maple Wash $124.95  
    #739 Black with Steel Wash $124.95  
    #931 Rust with Black Wash $124.95  
    #933 Rust with Copper Wash $124.95  
    #934 Rust with Verdi Wash $124.95  
  • SKU
    Floor Box Goof Rings
See our new Nickel Silver finish, great for stainless steel, nickel silver, and aluminum covers that has only a slight brushstroke, or no brushed strokes.
Nickel silver finishing ring with AP-TCP-2-LR floor box coverAluminum Finishing Rings in 7.5
                                 "NEW" Nickel Silver 4" and 4.5" inside are available now.
To order sample chips for $3.00 ea. Click Here
Also available in 38 custom finishes
Pewter finish price increase: All Pewter finishes will have an additional refinishing charge due to the high cost of plating and polishing needed for these Pewter finishes along with a minimum of 20 rings.
Please note:  There are no floor boxes along with our Finishing Rings.  To order floor boxes, see section #16 on the left-side margin of every page.
Several Pewter finishes require more plating and finishing and there is a minimum order of 20 pieces and an additional $35 each, sorry.  This ring will cover areas of tile or wood that have a rough edge around your round electrical floor box cover if it is damaged, or was cut improperly.  
The inside round opening (I.D.) is 4 inches, and the overall outer measurement (O.D.) at 7.5" inches is our standard size.  Also available in 4.5" (I.D.) by 7.5" (O.D.).  The Finishing Rings are also available in our 38 custom finishes for an additional charge.  Available in Brass now for $57.88.  However there is an extra charge for each ring with a custom Pewter finish and a minimum order of 20 rings, which need additional plating and refinishing required other than the standard brass, aluminum, and nickel silver standard finishes.  This does include all shipping charges, and there are three of them we have to do.  One to our factory, one to the finishing company, and one back to the customer.
You can purchase a sample chip for $3.00 at this page /custom-finish-sample-chips-in-38-colors.html and will be sent at no charge with a confirmed order.  Once you receive the sample finish, you will be asked to sign off for the approved custom finish.  After the final approval, we will start your order, and these are non-refundable in custom finishes.  However, these are not intended for high-traffic areas in the custom finishes.  Usually, they are under a table for a lamp, or under a desk where they are seen, but not constantly walked across.
Here are some other products you might like that could go with the finishing rings Here
Please read our policy for refinishing floor box covers
Thank you for your interest in refinishing your floor box cover in one of our Arnev Products, Inc. custom finishes.  For the protection of your cover, we ask that you follow these instructions.
1.  We ask that you send the COVERS ONLY Floor box covers generally come lacquer coated. To refinish the floor box covers, the lacquer must be removed, and this is done by soaking the covers in a strong chemical.  Any non-metallic parts that may be attached to the cover, including gaskets or electrical devices, receptacles, low voltage housings, etc., will be dissolved with the lacquer as well. This is why we insist that only floor box covers be sent for refinishing.  If the cover or receptacle cannot be removed from the floor box, we cannot soak off the lacquer and refinish the cover.  Also, no plastic-type covers are accepted. We are NOT responsible for the box itself, gaskets, or devices, so please keep all the other parts to the assembly, take off the cover, and send only the cover. 
2.  Please package any exterior screws (screws that will be visible after the box is installed) with the cover so these can be finished to match the box.  Make sure they are secure so they don't get lost or scratch the cover in transit.
3.  Custom colors are run in batches.  Consequently, the finishing time can vary depending on the schedule for the batch of the custom color you have chosen.  However, as we need only the cover, the floor box itself can be installed by your electrician to maintain your building or remodeling schedule.
4.  You have been advised by one of our customer service representatives that the custom finishes are approved for LOW TRAFFIC AREAS ONLY.  Should you decide to install the floor boxes with our finished in HIGH TRAFFIC AREAS, any finishing 1-year limited warranty is void.  In addition, if you should decide to apply any protective finish (lacquer, polyurethane, etc.) OVER our custom finish, the finishing 1-year limited warranty is void.
5.  If you approve the enclosed sample and agree to the instructions above, please sign and return the top portion of this page.  You may keep the bottom portion for your records.
If you follow these instructions, we are confident that you will love your custom floor box covers and enjoy them for years to come.
I approve of sample number______________________________ and agree to these instructions.
  • #2. Choose a standard finish (3 choices) OR, custom finish of your choosing
    Brushed Brass lacquer finish (IN TWO SIZES), Brushed Aluminum finish NOTE: OUT OF STOCK AT THIS TIME WITH 4.5" I.D. (IN TWO SIZES), Nickel Silver finish (NOW IN THREE SIZES), OUR CUSTOM FINISHES BELOW:, #1 Pewter Matte, #2 Bronze, #3 Bronze with Gold Wash, #5 Gold, #7 Black, #8 Pewter Bright, #10 Verdigris, #12 Copper Bright, #13 Copper Bronze, #15 Satin Pearl, #16 Antique Copper, #17 Weathered White, #20 Satin Pewter, #21 Antique Gold, #23 Brushed Natural Pewter, #130 Pewter with Terra-Cotta Wash, #132 Pewter with Bronze Wash, #133 Pewter with Copper Wash, #134 Pewter with Verdi Wash, #135 Pewter with White Wash, #137 Pewter with Cherry Wash, #138 Pewter with Maple Wash, #231 Bronze with Black Wash, #233 Bronze with Copper Wash, #234 Bronze with Verdi Wash, #730 Black with Terra-Cotta Wash, #732 Black with Bronze Wash, #733 Black with Copper Wash, #734 black with Verdi Wash, #736 Black with Chocolate Wash, #737 Black with Cherry Wash, #738 Black with Maple Wash, #739 Black with Steel Wash, #931 Rust with Black Wash, #933 Rust with Copper Wash, #934 Rust with Verdi Wash
  • 1. Choose the inside diameter size
    4" Inside diameter X 7.5" Outside for Brass, Aluminum and NIckel Silver Finishes, 4.5" Inside diameter X 7.5" Outside for Brass, Aluminum and Nickel Silver Finishes, 5.0” ONLY IN NICKEL SILVER Inside diameter X 7.5 Outside, NO BRASS or ALUMINUM in 5" inside, Nickel Silver Finish ONLY
  • 4-6 weeks delivery on custom finishes. All rings will ship seperately with a floor box order
    4-6 wk. delivery for custom finishes
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