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Floor Box Custom Refinishing P, From Arnev Products, Inc.olicy

Arnev Products floor box cover refinishing policy

What products can be refinished?

We can only refinish any NEW metal floor box covers purchased for Arnev Products, Inc.  No plastic covers will be accepted.  If the metal cover has a plastic receptacle or plastic part that cannot be taken out before refinishing, we cannot refinish those types of covers.  This custom finish is not suggested for a high-traffic area on your floor, so please check the location of the floor box in your room.  If this is in a high-traffic area, we cannot warranty this custom finish, sorry!

What is the cost of this refinishing?

If you purchased a floor box or floor box cover from Arnev Products, Inc., we will refinish the cover in one of our 38 custom finishes for an extra charge of $89.88, shipping included. 

How do we start the refinishing process?
When you purchase one of Arnev Products' floor box complete assemblies, we will send you a sample color chip of the ordered finish, and a refinishing agreement form by the US Mail for you to approve before we start any refinishing.  Once we receive back your signed refinish agreement form, then we will start the process.  No process will start without your signed approval, as we are not able to refund any floor box cover or floor box assembly if you are not satisfied with the color choice once the refinishing is completed. 

Can I send my new covers not purchased from another company?

NO! we cannot refinish a cover purchased from another company, sorry!  This is a courtesy to our customers, and no exceptions are accepted.

How long does it take?

The entire process can take up to 6 weeks to complete.  There are NO RUSH ORDERS on this refinishing process, sorry!  We cannot start until we receive the signed refinishing agreement back from our customer.

What happens in week 1?

We send the floor box cover along with all screws to our finishing company in Rhode Island, and if a complete assembly is purchased, the box that mounts in the floor will be sent to you along with all mounting hardware for your installer to get started with the installation right away, or for you to keep the box when you are ready for the installation.

What happens in week 2 and week 3?

Our finishing company will strip the lacquer off the metal cover and start the process of the refinishing.  This process does take approximately 2 weeks with possible zinc or pewter coatings and curing times on the finish.

What happens in weeks 4 to 6?
Depending on how much is involved with the refinishing time needed to cure the floor box covers, it will be inspected and sent back to you direct from our factory in Rhode Island by UPS ground only.  Sorry, no other return shipping is available.  Depending on where you are located in the USA or Canada will depend on how long it will take for you to receive your cover back for installation.  Usually, it will be about 5 days anywhere in the US, and perhaps up to 10 days in Canada.

No tracking information is available until the items are being shipped back to you, sorry! So please, if you call to ask us for the tracking, we may not have the information if it has not shipped.  So, please check with us after 5-6 weeks after we have received your signed finish agreement choice, as we have no information until that time.

If you have any other questions, you can always call our customer service at 800-260-1181.

Thank you for your order, and you will love the new floor box finish.

Arnev Products, Inc.
Here are some of our custom 38 finishes we have applied to floor box covers.
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