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Our Customers Wood Switch Plate Gallery

Arnev Products customer's wooden switch plate gallery.  Check it out below.

If you love what we made for you, please take some images and send them to my personal email at and we will put them online for all the world to see.  Give us your first name and the city where you live...Thanks, Arnie Evans

We ask our wood switchplate customers to send us images of what we manufactured for them.  We love showing off the products we make and letting the whole world see our customers beautiful homes, and how these wooden switchplates just make their homes something special. 


This image was from a satisfied customer as we used their wood to make this switch plate cover for the beautiful side of the kitchen island:

Dan Herr (413) 862-3276 Countryside Woodcraft  






From Gus Eppinger

Gus Eppinger images