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Despard or DR2, which one is needed?, From Arnev Products, Inc.

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Is it a Double Despard switch plate cover? Or a Double Outlet cover in our metal switch plate covers, or a DR2 in our wood products?  That is the question.
For years customers have been confused with these Despard or Duplex configurations switch plates cover for their home or office.  The Despard is a very old switch that usually goes left to right and is available in one switch, two switches, three switches, four switches, and six switches.  Also, they do have an electrical outlet in some cases where you can plug something into it for power. 
This switch was very popular in the '50s when many of the rooms were small, but they had many lights, or fans, or heaters, and this small plug or switch would not take up much space on the wall.  However, with today's larger rooms, the switches are spread out, or the electrical plugs or switches in the boxes are spread out, as there is more room on the walls for all the devices.  And the Despard has screws at the top and the bottom to attach the switch plate cover to the wall.
The Double Outlet can be used in the same way as the Despard type switches, with either switch that goes left to right, or with places for power plugins.  But there are only two screws in the middle with the double duplex or DR2, and that is how you know which switch plate cover you need for the wall box, it's the screw placements that let you know which one you need.  So, please check to see how many screws you need before you place your order at
If you have any questions, you can always give us a call at 800-260-1181, to make sure you are ordering the right Despard switch plate cover.
Despard or Duplex, which one do you need?
Toggle switches left and right can be used
Left and right switches in the same opening as our
Outlet Covers (Letter B or a DR1 in our wood switchplates)
which usually plugs into an electrical device.  See the
image below where you have a left-to-right switch on top
and a place to plug in a device on the bottom.  These are different
than a Despard so read below before ordering.
Below is a Despard old-style switch plate cover.
Despard switches go left and right, but are smaller, and you can have a small Despard outlet for power if you choose
Single Despard, Double Despard, and Triple Despard are all different
than the Duplex openings, as they are much smaller. and different shapes,
so be careful when ordering.   These are not OC, or DR1 (in wood)
This is a Despard Switch
This is a Despard housing that goes in the back of the switch plate and
holds all the Despard switches.   Available in one gang (one switch)
two gangs (two switches) or 3 gangs (three switches)
These were very popular from the 1940s to about 1980 when the rooms
may have been very small and you could have three light switches in the
same space as single light switch plates or single outlet covers.   These can
also, be used for electrical plugs as well as switches, and the switches always
go left to right and are much smaller than the standard electrical switch.