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Wood Switchplate Sizes

Custom Regular Wood Switchplate sizing:

All wooden switch plate covers are mid-sized covers, but not jumbo sized
One gang switchplates
(Singles, Single Outlets, Single Groundfaults, Single Blanks, etc.)
 3" wide by 5" high
Two gang switchplates
(Doubles, Combos, Double Groundfaults, Double blanks, etc.)
 5" wide by 5" high
Three gang switchplates
(Triples, Triple Groundfaults, Groundfault/Double Switch, etc.)
 6 13/16" wide by 5" high
Four gang switchplates
(Quad Switches, Outlet Cover/Triple Switch, etc.)
 9" wide by 5" high
Five gang switchplates
(5-Switch, 5-Groundfault/Rocker, etc.)
 10 13/16" wide by 5" high
Six gang switchplates
(6-Switch, 6-Groundfault/Rocker, etc.)
 12 5/8" wide by 5" high
Seven gang switchplates
(7-Switch, 7-Groundfault/Rocker, etc.)
 14 7/16" wide by 5" highlight
Eight gang switchplates
(8-Switch, 8-Groundfault/Rocker, etc.)
16 1/4" wide by 5" high
All custom wood sizes are + or - 3/16" and about 1/4 inch thick, much like a regular plastic switchplate.