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Light Switch Plate Covers

The best place to buy a Switch Plate, Wall Plate, Switch Cover, Socket Covers, Decora Switch, or Electrical Receptacles, and now Cabinet Hardware, this is the place to shop!


Stainless Steel, Chrome, Brass, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Copper

  Unfinished Wood Switch Plates

 94 Wood Types with Screws or Screwless 

Eleven Plain Finished - No designs- 53 Electrical Styles 



Punched Border Design in Four Colors

Star Design in Three Colors

Punched Heart Design in Three Finishes

Please, Don't turn Off the Switch

Little Toggle and Decora

Simulated Stone

Many Colors

Corner Designs in 3 finishes 

Also 3 designs

Paintable Switch Plates

53 Electrical styles

Primed and ready to paint 

Blank Switch Plates


Many Finishes 

Despard Wall Plates

Single, Double, Triple Switches

Many Finishes 

Night-Lights for Wallplates

53 Electrical Configurations

Blue Old-Fashioned Marbleware

While they last 

Glass Switch Plate Cover Video

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 Screwless Wood Switch Plate Installation Video


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