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Pre-Finished Metal Switch Plates in 5 Finishes

Custom Wood in 94 wood types all styles

Plain Styles Many Colors 

Punched Border Designs

Punched Star Designs in 3 Colors

Punched Heart Designs in 3 Colors

Simulated Stone in 10 colors


Corner Designs in 6 designs



Paintable Pre-Primed Metal in all the Styles



Old Fashioned Marbleware "While they last"





























Cat5-6. HDMI, Tel, Cable TV and more










Socketops "Peel and Stick" for Receptacle Color Changes

Socketops in 13 Finishes for receptacles

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4 Configuration Styles









 Switch Plates

One of the first things to consider when looking at new switch plates is to look at what you are replacing. You always want to make sure that you are getting wall plates that work for your room as well as fit the correct number of switches. Additionally, making sure that the plate cover size is correct can be done by measuring the existing one to the edge to see how large the new plate needs to be. Before any kind of redesign project, it is always vital to measure what you currently have, so that your replacements do not fall short of what you need.

Once you have the switch plates, you will want to make sure that the power is turned off to the area of the house in which you are working. It is never advisable to replace a wall plate or do anything else involving electricity, while the power is still on. Using a screwdriver, you'll want to remove the existing plate, which should leave the switches sitting free. It is as simple a matter as putting the new plate on, lining up the screw holes, and attaching the new plate to the existing template in the wall.

No matter what types of switch plates you might be looking for, Arnev Products can provide them for you. From regular white and off-white colors to colored plastic and even burnished bronzes and coppers, we are confident we have a plate for you. Due to serving the industry for over twenty years, Arnev Products stands as one of the foremost switch and wall plate sellers in the US.

No matter what home design you are looking for, don't you want to avoid the usual, boring, white wall and switch panels that most homes have? Nothing could be worse than having an excellent home design with wonderful accent features and color patterns, only to have the whole thing ruined by an inappropriately placed or colored set of switch plates. Avoid this and get the colors and styles you want, today.

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