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Yes, it is true!  We are proud to say that 99.8% of all the products we sell and promote on our website are manufactured right here in America by our company, Arnev Products, Inc.  All our metal switch plate covers have been manufactured by Arnev Products in Franklin Park, Illinois, and we are celebrating our 30th year in business!   All the cabinet hardware, AV Floor boxes, custom Wood Switch Plates, Porcelain Enamel switch plates, Custom North Woods switch plates and home décor accessories, and our custom 38 finished switch plates, custom 38 finishes on our custom Floor Box Covers are all manufactured right here in the USA, as are our Acrylic Glass and Acrylic Mirrored Glass!  We feel that these products are spectacular, nothing less for our customers.

The few products that we sell that are not manufactured in the USA are our clear and mirrored glass products.  At this time we are forced to outsource these items.  All of our glass products are manufactured in Taiwan, which has been a leader in glass products now for many years.  But they make the finest glass products we have ever seen, so again, we strive to offer the best!  Our electrical standard floor boxes are manufactured overseas. Also manufactured in Mexico are the Leviton brand electrical switches and receptacles we promote.

Our inventions like our floor box finishing rings to fix a bad cut in an area in a wood or concrete floor are made right here in the USA by our company Arnev Products.  Our Screwgard invention is made by Arnev in the USA.  All our Socketops invention is also made right here for us in Wausaukee Wisconsin.  So, with over 10,000 products that we sell and promote, 9,980 of these are made right here in the good old USA. And we are proud of it.

Thanks again to all our great customers,

Arnev Products, Inc.