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Dimmer Switch Article 1, From Arnev Products, Inc.

Installing a dimmer switch is the easiest way to use light to change the mood of a room. Dimmer switches allow you to have a variety of light settings. Many people choose to install dimmer switches in rooms where lighting can set the mood for different events. You can purchase dimmer switches for every room in your home at


Arnev Products, Inc. is a well-known company that distributes light switch and electrical outlet products. Arnev Products, Inc. has been manufacturing light switch cover plates, outlet cover plates, floor boxes, audio-video floor boxes, light dimmer switch plates, dimmer switches, outlet receptacles, low-voltage devices, and much more since 1989. Products are available in a variety of colors and designs. Arnev offers its light switches and electrical outlet products in more than 40 different configurations.

Dimmer Switches

If you are looking for a light dimmer switch, you'll find they are available in three different formats. Arnev Products, Inc. distributes light dimmer switches with toggles, knobs, and slides. You'll find each dimmer switch format is available in different colors. You can choose a switch color to blend in with your walls or stand out as a decorative element. Arnev products come with the hardware required for installation. Installing light dimmer switches in your home is easily done in just a few steps. You can save time and money by installing light switches, light switch covers, and other outlet products yourself.


The idea of working with electrical wiring can make some people nervous; however, installing a dimmer switch is a project many homeowners can do on their own. You will need a few tools for a dimmer switch installation project

• Phillips head screwdriver/slotted screwdriver
• Long nose pliers
• Wire stripper/wire cutter
• Voltage tester
• Dimmer/dimmer plate
• Mounting hardware

Arnev Products dimmer switch receptacles come with mounting hardware and installation instructions. Remember to turn off the electricity in the area you are working in before beginning an installation project.  locate the room's breaker in the fuse box to turn off the power. When you have confirmed power has been cut off by testing the light switch on and off in the room. You'll need to remove the old light switch from the wall by unscrewing it from the wall box. Test the wires using your voltage tester when you have removed the switch plates.  Always make sure there is no electricity running through the wires before you touch them. Use wire cutters to trim frayed or damaged ends and strip wires as needed to attach them to the new dimmer switch. Attach the new dimmer switch using pliers following the included installation instructions.
Dimmer switch in black  Dimmer switch in black toggle dimmer  Dimmer switch in black push button  Dimmer switch with a ceiling fan in black  Dimmer switch in push button in brown  Dimmer switch with push button in brown  dimmer switch knob in brown  Dimmer switch toggle style in brown finish  Dimmer switch in gray 600 watt  Dimmer switch in gray with push button on off
Almost every type of dimmer switch is available in Brown, Gray, and Black.
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