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AP-MOI–PWR4  Poke Through floor box  cover for concrete floors
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AP-MOI–PWR4 4 single receptacles.

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AP-MOI–PWR4. The MOI multi-connect is a multi-use, flush-to-finished floor round poke-through that provides easy access to power, voice, and data connections in unobstructed flush-to-floor required applications. The box is scrub test rated for any scenario. Using a 4-inch hole makes installation fast and easy. Future removal and re-installation are easily accomplished if required. The box is UL 2-hour fire rated for the USA and Canada, it is also CSA approved for Canada.

Prices are subject to change depending on availability.

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Cover Styles
Connectors and devices and not supplied with the Poke-through floor boxes.
There are several devices that will work for any of these Poke-through floor boxes
* About Delivery of Poke-through floor boxes
These boxes are all custom-made to order to our customer's specifications, and are manufactured, polished, and assembled in our Canadian factory.  Then they are shipped to you directly from our factory in Canada, and because of customs clearance, nothing can be shipped overnight, but once the order is complete, it can be shipped UPS RED, but you will need to call 800-260-1181 to pay the extra shipping and request that service.  This usually takes about 7 to 10 working days, depending on the size of the order.  Brass and black finishes can take about 6 weeks to manufacture and ship to you.  Also, there is a minimum order of 10 units with black finishes only. 
Since all of these Poke-Through boxes are custom-made units, they are non-returnable,  so please make note of this.
For additional connectors and devices Click here
Why choose our Poke-Throughs
Q: What finished do they come in?

A: Stainless Steel, Brass (quotes only per brass current market price), and Black (minimum order 10 or more only)


Q: How long is the fire rating?

A: Two hours


Q: What lengths do the poke-throughs come in?

A: 12”, 14”, 16”, & 20” (standard lengths)


Q: What is the maximum floor thickness for the poke-throughs?

A: Various lengths to accommodate all construction requirements.


Q: What approvals?

A: UL and CSA


Q: Do you have shop drawings?

A: Yes, available online at www.arnev


Q: How close together can poke-through devices be located?

A: When designing a poke-through installation no more than one poke-through is allowed per 65 square feet of floor area and two poke-throughs can not be located closer than 2 feet to each other. Also, abandoned poke-through will count as part of the 65 square feet and 2-foot minimum spacing. It is not an NEC code but rather a UL requirement for fire safety. This UL requirement is covered under Fire Resistance Directory (sometimes called the UL Orange Book). Pokethroughs fit under the category of Outlet Boxes and Fittings Classified for the Fire Resistance section (CEYY)


Q: Can I get special plugs put in it?

A: Yes, depending on what kind of plug or jack it is. Note the jack or specifications must be sent to us prior to the order being processed.


Q: Are jacks included?

A: Not as a standard because typically communication contractors supply and install to fulfill their contractual and warranty obligations. However, they are available upon request.

Q: What kind of jacks can you use?

A: Any jacks, as long as they are the keystone style

Q: How are the units wired?

A: Poke through unite are wired from the bottom threaded openings.

Q: Can you run pipe and wire to it?

A: Yes, there are KOs or threaded hubs on the various units.

Q: What kind of construction can they be used for?

A: New or Retrofit

Q: Can it be used in Q-Deck?

A: Yes. Note that it is very important to know the profile of the floor for quoting and ordering information.

Q: How many circuits? And, what are they rated at?

A: Up to 4 circuits for 20A. For a special application contact us.

About Poke Throughs

MULTICONNECT is a multi-use flush-to-floor outlet that provides easy access to power, voice, and data connections in the unobstructed flush-to-floor required applications. The attractive appearance and innovative design create option flexibility and functionality. Using a four-inch core drill eliminates costly labor-intensive saw cutting, chiseling/regrouting of a square hole. Future removal and re-installation are easily accomplished if required.


  • Totally enclosed and partitioned compartments for Power / Voice / Data in one unit
  • UL 2-hour fire rating
  • 4 to 10 jacks for Voice and Data in one unit
  • Threaded conduit openings reduce the risk of tampering (or the need for access to connections) in ceiling space below
  • Terminations are accessible from the top of the unit
  • The receptacle can be Isolated Ground, GFI, or spec grade, fed with one or two circuits
  • Fits a four-inch round hole snugly and seals to ensure fire separation and structural integrity
  • Completely flush with 1/4 inch carpet or another flooring
  • Finish available in stainless steel, brass, or black
  • Fast, simple installation (locknut eliminates the need for concrete anchors)
  • Can be installed through the floor before or after carpet installation
The Multiconnect™ name, logo, and product designs are registered trademarks of Multiconnect Outlets Inc. U.S. Patent 5,705,772 & CDN. Patent 2215441.
  • #1. Choose a cover style
    Choose a cover style, Treaded Security Cover (Available in Stainless and Brass only), Hinged Cover (Available in Stainless and Brass only), Drop Cover (Available in Stainless, Brass, and Black), Treaded Cover (Available in Stainless and Brass only)
  • #2. Add the cover finish
    Add the cover finish, Stainless Steel (SS), Brass (BR), Black (BK) Only available in the Drop Cover (DC), minimum order of 10
  • #3. Choose a floor depth 4" to 12"
    Choose a floor depth, 4", 6", 8", 10", 12"
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