Floor Boxes California

Arnev is a leading manufacturer of floor boxes and switch plates. California building designers use floor boxes in churches, theaters and stages. A well designed floor box is needed when wiring state of the art sound and entertainment systems in commercial buildings and auditoriums. Arnev products are manufactured to be durable without compromising on style. Covers and finishing rings feature a variety of finishes to give the room a decorative look without sacrificing function. Floor boxes are great for use in almost any entertainment system wiring project.
Stage lighting, speakers, microphones and other entertainment system electronics should be wired to floor boxes. California electricians recommend them for various reasons. Not only do they make it easy to use and operate electronics, they are also a safety feature. Electricians use them to house electrical wiring beneath the floor of a stage or theater. Specially designed wire housing may protect building patrons from fire, electric shock and other accidents. For additional safety, finishing rings are often mounted around the floor box to create a smooth surface. This smooth surface prevents injuries and gives the floor box a polished look. Finishing rings also provide a decorative finish to the electrical installation project. Interior decorators use them to create coherent design themes throughout large commercial theaters. We offer a variety of designs, configurations and themes to fit the needs of your stage wiring project.
For more than 20 years our company has designed and distributed the products commercial builders need to wire churches, theaters and public stages. One of our most popular products is our floor boxes. California contractors use our products because they are durable and long lasting. We take pride on manufacturing our products from American made raw materials. We use corrosion resistant materials and stainless steel to manufacture each of our products. Best known for our quality, we at Arnev take pride in offering floor boxes. California contractors can rest assured they are getting a top of the line product. We guarantee our boxes to be long-lasting for years of use. Products are easy to clean, easy to maintain and are resistant to scratches, warping and damage. Stains and dust are easily removed without damaging the surface of the finishing ring with just a damp cloth.
We can't express safety enough. Large wiring projects that are left unfinished can cause accidents. Every power plug or electric wire should be covered. Our floor boxes are a great way to house wiring and electronic components used in auditoriums and stages. To protect product users, we use safe, durable materials with non-current conducting backing to manufacture our floor boxes. California electricians who have properly installed our boxes help protect children, performers and building operators from accidental electrocution.