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Floor Box Outlet Article 5, From Arnev Products, Inc.

If you are looking to repair or refinish your floor box outlet cover, then Arnev Products is the perfect place for you to shop. Having been serving their customers for decades, they are a trusted name in outlets and floor boxes, as well as the panels and covers for them. If you're looking for something that isn't the traditional white or off-colored cream that most home builders install, then you have clearly found the right place for your discerning tastes. It is a fact of life, however, that floor boxes get foot traffic and so can wear out over time, leading to either ruined finishes or an unprofessional look.

Luckily, Arnev Products can refinish any metal floor box outlet cover they sell to bring it back to a like-new condition or to do any kind of custom work on it that you could desire.  The first thing to be aware of is that custom work and refinishing is meant for low-traffic areas of the room and should be for the metal pieces only - if there is plastic that cannot be removed, it cannot be refinished. Also, if the box cover is for a high traffic area, then Arnev cannot warranty the finishing.

If you are purchasing a base floor box outlet cover, you can choose to have it refinished then for an additional amount so that it can be exactly the way you want it when it arrives. Refinishing takes about six weeks and it is important to note that they can only refinish Arnev products box covers and not ones from other companies. This allows you to know that your floor box cover is being handled by people who are perfect experts on the product and can provide for any occurrence - if it was a third-party box cover, and something were to go wrong, they would have no means to replace it.

What takes refinishing a floor box outlet cover so long is that the process to strip the existing finish takes a few weeks for the chemicals to cure, and then the refinishing process requires another few weeks for those chemicals to cure and set. The end result, however, is a professional and completely custom box cover that can make your entire room and space look professional and well thought out.

No matter what product or service you need, Arnev Products can provide it. With a commitment to quality and to providing the best customer service around, you can buy from them with the confidence to know that their floor box outlet covers are absolutely top-notch.
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