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Wall Socket Article from Arnev Products, Inc.

Arnev Products Inc. offers a huge variety of switch plate covers for all of your home decorating and wall socket covering needs. No matter what kind of light switch, wall socket, or power outlet configuration you need for your home, Arnev has switch plates that are sure to keep your electrical wires and connectors safely covered. Switchplate covers are both functional and decorative.


There are many benefits to installing switch plate covers over your light switches, wall socket outlets, and cable or telephone hookups. Switch plate covers that are properly mounted to house electrical wiring can help protect you and your family from electric shock. Exposed electrical wiring is very dangerous. Arnev Products, Inc. designs switch plate covers to help hide live wires carrying electricity from the light switch to the lighting fixture. You might also want to install switch plate covers over television cable hookups, phone jacks, power outlets, and wall socket outlets where electrical wiring is within reach of small children or pets. Exposed wires are a treat to curious children or pets that may touch, chew on, or insert objects into the bundle of wiring.
Wall socket cable outlet for telephone connector and almond finish

Keeping electrical wiring properly housed and covered with a switch plate cover is very important. Many state and local governments require home and business owners to install switch plate covers throughout the home or building. If wiring is exposed, the building or homeowner may be fined a great deal of money.


As long as wall socket covers are required for protecting you and your family from electric shock, why not make them a decorative element within your home? Wall socket covers are available in a variety of designs and colors. Arnev Products, Inc. offers switch plate covers in different materials including wood, plastic, and metal. You can select from dark-stained woods, designs, and others. Your home can have a unique style with switch plates and outlet covers in every room.

Most of Arnev's wall socket cover designs are available in 53 different configurations. Covers can be ordered at Decorate your entire home with switch plate covers custom cut to fit each wall socket and cable outlet. Covers are great for power outlets, television cable hookups, Internet cable hookups, light switches, and more. It doesn't matter how you choose to decorate your home, Arnev is sure to have a switch plate cover to perfectly match any decorating theme.


Arnev Products Inc. has been the leading manufacturer of designer wall socket covers since 1989. Switchplate covers manufactured by Arnev are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and most of them are considered mid-sized switchplate, which seems to be most desirable by today's interior designers.  Arnev Products Inc. offers covers made with numerous finishes, styles, and materials. Switchplate covers are available to accent and decorate every room of your house. Stop settling for plain, boring, plastic white switch plate covers, and have decorative ones installed over each wall socket in your home today.

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