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Stage Floor Box, From Arnev Products, Inc.

There are many places where you might want to consider a stage floor box in your location. While the most obvious application of this kind of hardware would be in a theater, many venues can benefit from having smaller scope stages included in their location. Some examples include bars, where you might want to offer live music, hotels, where you can offer an entertainment venue, and schools. Every single one of these locations can benefit from having the option of electrical routing for their stage; after all, everything sounds better with music and sometimes those instruments require an electrical outlet.

The entire idea of a stage floor box is that you can provide electrical outlets as well as maintain the look and appearance of your stage. Often best for places where you have a raised stage floor, installing a floor box is a quick and easy thing that hides most of the wires out of sight and under the stage. You can choose to have the outlets sunk into the box or have the box be the outlet itself. Each box then comes with a cover that can either be on a hinge or removable, letting you choose how you want your stage arrayed; moreover, once the outlet box is covered, then you've maintained the whole look of your stage.

Having a stage floor box has many benefits. Based on how these boxes are produced, they present an inherent fire safety system where if the wiring were to spark, the fire would be contained to the box itself. Having the wires to your various electrical elements out and free means an electrical fire could spread - having them all located inside the box means that while the wiring would be destroyed in case of fire, nothing else would go with it.

Furthermore, having a stage floor box can help prevent lawsuits. In today's litigious society, people will sue other people and companies for almost anything, starting back to the late nineties and the 'hot coffee incident. Having wiring running loose is just asking someone to trip over it, hurt themselves, and file a lawsuit. By having your wires sunk into the floor and a neat, clean, and professional-looking floor box outlet in their place, you can prevent any kind of incident or injury before it ever happens.

Regardless of the reason you are looking to upgrade your electronics, Arnev Products can provide the best equipment in the market. Their expertise and quality products make them a company you can trust to purchase products from; something that is vitally important when ordering any kind of stage floor box.

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