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Socketops Article From Arnev Products, Inc.

Cover those old, ugly sockets with Socketops. Arnev Products, Inc. has created a line of designer socket covers to complement its line of switch plate covers. Socketops were invented by Patti Evans, President of Arnev Products, Inc. They are easily matched to the designer switch plates manufactured by Arnev. Socketops features an easy-to-install, peel, and stick laminate. You won't have to clean up messy glues or drill holes into your sockets.
Socketops cover sockets


Remodeling a home is both stressful and rewarding. Choosing new appliances, wall paint colors and new flooring seems to take forever. Once the job is complete, all you want to do is sit down and enjoy your home. If you didn't include Socketops as part of your home's remodeling design, you'll hardly get a chance to sit down before you notice ugly sockets glaring at you from across the room. Plain white, cream, brown and black sockets show through the middle of your new switch plates giving the room an unfinished, sloppy look. Right away you'll notice how ugly sockets can ruin the look of your newly decorated home. Before you call to hire an electrician to replace all of your power outlets, check out the line of Socketops available at Socketops are peel-and-stick covers that easily attach to sockets. They are available in 13 finishes and four configurations.

Make them Match

Arnev Products, Inc. manufactures light switches and outlet covers to accent your walls. When ordering your switch plate covers, don't forget to pick out some Socketops to match. Peel and stick Socketops are available in 13 finishes. Socketops are made to compliment many of the switch plate covers manufactured by Arnev Products, Inc. Choose from shiny brass, mirror black, maple wood, copper canyon, burl wood, stainless steel, brushed copper, brushed aluminum, antique brass, mirror chrome, tarnished copper or teak burl. Socketops cover more than sockets. Arnev manufactures Socketops to cover rocker switches as well. Arnev manufactures Socketops in the duplex receptacle, decora receptacle, GFCI receptacle, and rocker switch configurations.

Installing Socketops is fast and easy. Follow these simple steps:
1. Make sure the power is turned off at the sockets you are covering.
2. If necessary, remove the switch plates exposing the socket needing to be covered.
3. Clean the surface of the sockets with Windex or other household cleaners. Dry thoroughly.
4. Remove the backing from your Socketops, exposing the adhesive side.
5. Insert an electrical plug into the Socketop. This will help align them to the receptacles. With the Socketop at the end of the plug, insert it into the socket and press firmly. Remove the plugs and press firmly once more.
6. Replace switch plate covers and enjoy the look of your sockets.

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