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Electrical Socket Article From Arnev Products, Inc.

Exposed wiring from an electrical socket can be harmful to curious children. They may play with appliances that plug into the wall, turn light switches on and off, or touch the exposed wiring. Even an electrical socket that seems harmless or out of reach can cause your child to suffer electric shock should they touch the exposed wires.

Safety Hazards

One exposed electrical socket could mean many different safety hazards for you and your family. Home electrical wiring systems can be a hazard for a few different reasons. Old wiring can fray and cause electrical shock or fire hazards. Exposed electrical wiring can put you and your family at risk of electrocution. An electrical socket that has too many appliances plugged into it can cause a fire. An untrained handyman working around exposed electrical wiring may also cause electrical wiring safety issues.


You can be shocked or severely electrocuted by wires not properly housed behind an outlet cover. A mild electrical shock would most likely cause injury to the hand or finger that touched the wiring. Skin can suffer burns, sores, or permanent tissue damage. Electrical shocks passing through the body may lead to severe tissue damage, nerve damage, or death. Approximately 3,900 injuries associated with shock are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. One-third of those injuries occur when young children come in contact with an electrical socket with exposed wiring. Children can get hurt if they touch or chew on exposed wires. Some children may try to insert hairpins or keys into the electrical socket.


There are many different types of safety equipment you can have installed to cover an exposed electrical socket. Purchase electrical outlet covers and light switch cover plates to make sure all wiring is properly housed and safely stored between the wall. After having them installed, use electrical socket cover inserts that slide or have a "press to remove" feature to prevent children from sticking objects into the electrical socket. Standard electrical covers are okay, but can easily be pulled out and become a choking hazard. Standard electrical cover inserts are okay for electrical sockets that are up high and away from the reach of small children.
Black tamper resistant electrical socket image

One way to eliminate electrical hazards is to get down at your child's level and look around. On your hands and knees, look around for wires, outlets, and plugs that could be a threat to your child or family. Consider that your child's eyes are level with tables, lamp cords, and any switch plates / electrical sockets around the walls of your home. Be mindful of exposed wiring and be sure to buy the proper socketops, outlet cover plates, and electrical socket inserts when hazard-proofing your home.

Tamper Proof Electrical Sockets

Arnev offers tamper-proof electrical sockets in Black, but they will be offering them in a large variety of colors soon.  They are available in GFCI, a Duplex electrical socket, and Decora receptacles, so check them out.

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