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Outlet Cover Plates by Arnev

One of the things that people never really focus on in their home or office design is the outlet cover plates. Quite frequently, people will put hours and hours into the planning, execution, and design of their room, only to forget something as simple as a cover plate - leaving an elegant design ruined by the presence of plain, boring, flat white outlet covers. With Arnev Products, not only can you get a design for your plate covers that tend to not be found in stores, you can even find one that specifically matches the look and feel of your home or office.

Outlet Cover Plates for the Home

As one of the best places on the Internet to get wall plates, Arnev Products makes a point of offering the widest selection possible so that you can find the right ones for you. With the widespread display of home styles present on television channels such as HGTV, many more people are getting involved in home design and renovation, taking ideas from what they saw on the show and looking to improve the look and feel of their homes. With cover plates that match your design, you can make sure that your home has a smooth, professionally finished feeling to it without having to pay tons of cash.

Not Just for Home!

Anyone who has ever worked in corporate marketing can tell you the importance of appearance and branding. When your office represents you, you want to make sure that every single part of it follows that brand. With outlet cover plates, you can make sure that your color scheme flows from the roof to the floor without ever missing a beat.

Other Options As Well

Arnev Products have been making wall plates, outlet covers, and floor boxes for years. Because of this, we are one of the best places to go for any kind of A/V, power outlet, or even light switch plate need. Not limiting ourselves to just inside the house, we also offer an amazing array of outside outlet solutions where you can have the luxury of power without having to deal with long extension cords back into the house. Furthermore, these outside electrical boxes come with durable, heavy-duty plastic covers so that when not in use, you never have to worry about their exposure to the elements.

With Arnev, the biggest thing you have is options. We offer many more plate options, customization options, and outlet options than you would find in your local hardware store. Therefore, when looking for outlet cover plates, there is only one choice - Arnev Products.

Electrical Cover Plates: an Overview

If you're interested in redoing some of the outlets and electrical cover plates in your home, then you're not alone. A large number of people have been involved in the DIY and overall "maker movement," which tends to favor the idea of doing work on your home and projects yourself. Instead of calling an electrician or some home renovator, you can be deeply involved in getting your home looking and feeling exactly the way you want it - with a minimum of fuss.

Arnev - Your Solution for Electrical Cover Plates

The general idea behind cover plates is that the wires in your home all route to outlet and switch boxes. Before ever-changing anything, you'll want to make sure that the breakers are off and power has been cut to the portion of your house that you're working on. You should never install anything dealing with electrical current with power still on, as it can be a severe health risk from the high chance of electrocution. This is especially true for Arnev Products cover plates because we make them out of a heavy-grade metal so that they are long-lasting and durable - but metal conducts electricity.

Installation Tips

Once the power is safely off, you can remove the prior wall plate and set about installing your new electrical cover plate. Each package from Arnev comes with all the parts that you'll need to make installation a breeze. You won't need to make additional trips to the hardware store.

One of the important pieces to remember to install is the washers between the screw posts and the wall plates. What these do is break the chance of an electrical current between the box and the plate itself. While there shouldn't be any kind of current running through the metal of the plate, wires do wear out over time, and if one were to contact the metal of the wall box, having the plastic washer present can prevent getting a nasty jolt when flipping on the switch.

Care and Maintenance

None whatsoever!

Because Arnev Products has been making electrical cover plates for many years, we are old pros at making a product that doesn't need a lot of upkeep. We treat our plates with a special finish to make sure that they are scratch-resistant and generally will not lose their shine over the life of the plate. One of the most likely ways to damage your wall plate is in the installation, so be careful not to overturn and over-tighten the screws when first putting on your new electrical cover plates.

Outlet Cover Plates with Customizable Socket Solutions

Outlet cover plates are one way to take your completed and newly designed room or interior space over the top.  In design, it is all about the details. No matter how much time and money you've spent remodeling or creating an interior space if you leave out the details of things like small decorative items, wall art, or even light switch plates, you can destroy that carefully planned room design.  The devil, they say, is in the details, and in design, there is no truer axiom.  How then can you take your great design and ensure that each detail is taken care of? Outlet cover plates are one of those small, nit-picky details that can make a room's design sing.

With outlet cover plates, you can ensure that even the smallest portions of your room adhere to your overall design scheme.  Typical light switch plates and outlet covers come in a ubiquitous white or cream plastic that is the special purview of contractors all over the country.  These white plastic plates are cheap and do the job of protecting the outlet's interior from poking fingers and they do give a finished look. The problem is that they match only a white-wall scheme in a design plan.  If you've painted your walls or gone for any sort of design plan, these white plastic covers don't match or complement anything. Replacing them is the obvious choice, but depending on your outlet configuration or your design scheme this may not be as easy as it sounds. While brass and stainless steel have become more common options in hardware stores for plate covers, most other metals are difficult to find. And what about wood? Glass? Antique designs?

If you need this variety of outlet cover plates - or simply need a configuration that your local store doesn't carry, Arnev Products Inc. offers a wide selection of cover plates for outlets and switches that come in a dizzying array of configurations and styles.  Whether you need sleek metals in any one of a dozen finishes, jeweled glass tones for a pop of color, or unfinished wood that can be stained or painted to match - Arnev has it. For the antique-minded, carved and intricately stamped designs can match everything from a Tudor style bedroom to a 1920's art deco kitchen. For outlets, additionally, Arnev has some special features that can ensure your cover plates complement your designed interior, offering Sockettops "Peel and Stick" that cover the socket or rocker-switch on your outlet to blend the finish in and eliminate that glaring white or cream plastic core - all while eliminating the need to replace the entire socket mechanism.  Combine this with Arnev's selection of outlet cover plates and your walls will be sporting stylish plates in no time.

Floor Box Cover Plate

There are many reasons to purchase a floor box cover plate from Arnev products. After all, if you're already in the market for floor boxes, then Arnev is the best place to go. No matter if you are doing the installation of electronics in your home or if you are installing them in a large hotel or office building, having floor boxes can solve numerous wiring problems and safety concerns by avoiding any kind of messy and unsightly running of wires along the edges of rooms or across footpaths and high traffic areas.

Having a floor box cover plate means that when there is a need for outlets, you can simply flip open the top cover made of everything from plastic to metal to wood, and the ports will be handy. Having the flip-top cover means that when the ports are not in use, they can be flushed down into the floor to reduce any chance of someone tripping as well as looking like any other part of the floor. For high-traffic areas, having a metallic box cover plate means that it will withstand repeated use well while having a durable plastic cover can be put to best use outside to protect fragile outlets from the elements.

A floor box cover plate can also be the perfect IT solution for corporate offices. In today's lawsuit-prone world, isn't it the best possible plan to avoid any chance that someone will trip and hurt themselves? Having a floor box routing all of your various ports and connections can let your offices and workers remain connected with ease. Having the ports for any kind of phone jack or power outlet handy makes the physical part of networking and systems administration a breeze.

Arnev produces various types of floor box cover plates that can even be used in places like theaters. Given the need for electricity to often be routed to the stage for various productions, having a floor box means being able to position things how you want them and not how the wiring demands. The box cover panel also allows you to close it up to provide no chance of anyone injuring themselves over a raised or lowered section of the stage - after all, doesn't safety always come first?

No matter what the reason, Arnev Products has the electrical outlet solution for you. With everything ranging from outdoor outlets and boxes to indoor electrical and Audio-Visual hardware, you cannot go wrong trusting them.  Their commitment to service and quality products has led them to be producing the finest floor box cover plate in the industry.

Outlet Cover Plates

To make a room look complete you need matching switch plates and outlet cover plates. This helps to tie the room together and give a polished look to any home or office. However, finding quality plates that give you the look you seek can sometimes be difficult. Not anymore! We are your one-stop solution for all our switch plate and outlet cover needs.

Arnev boasts 53 different switch plate configurations, which include virtually any configuration you would find in your home or business area. Outlet cover plates themselves are easily taken care of and can add a sense of individuality and spunk to a room. We have an outlet cover for you. The configurations we provide can easily cover multiple outlets, toggle switches, and light switches next to each other.

Based in Keshena, Wisconsin, we have introduced many outlet cover plates in a variety of styles, finishes, colors, configurations, and more. We sell our products under the name "The Big Switchover" across the country. Our products are a step ahead of the rest because we give attention to detail and use the highest quality materials. For example, our products are scratch-resistant and low maintenance. Our switchplates are also very sturdy making them some of the most sought-after in stores everywhere.

Your configuration needs and your specific design needs are also easily fulfilled by Arnev. If you need plain or metal-finished outlet cover plates, including plain pewter outlet covers, we can make your needs a reality. If you would like to have a cover with a punched border there are many to choose from. We provide over thirty configurations in mirrored, gray mirrored, and even frosted glass; nearly twenty configurations are available in paintable beveled glass, and nearly forty configurations can be provided in acrylic. Almost fifty switch plate configurations are available in assorted high-grade woods, including specialty woods such as Koa, Redwood, and Teak. Simulated stone switch plates that have the look and feel of real, natural stone are available to you in twelve colors. Rustic animal and themed switch plates, as well as decorative covers in porcelain enamel, are also available.

All it takes is a little creativity and your vision to tie together the colors or theme in any room. Our plates and covers help you develop the vision and complete the room's look and feel. Our products are American-made and affordably priced so you can rest assured you are getting the best value for your money. Please browse our website and our product line to find outlet cover solutions that fit your needs. The possibilities are endless when you need outlet cover plates to complete a room.

Wood Cover Plates

Wood cover plates and outlet covers are beyond boring.  Many view them as a necessity for covering up the electrical gadgets that exist on your walls.  Most contractors use those cheap plastic switch plates, although some of them "get fancy" by adding those gaudy plastic covers that are accented with gold or silver. 

Most homeowners don't give these covers a second thought.  However, if you value home design and you want your home to make a statement you have to check out these wood cover plates.  Although they are little details in your home decor, they can add uniqueness to your overall design and make your home more attractive to guests (or to buyers if your home is on the market).

Arnev Products Inc. offers quite a variety of custom-made wood cover plates.  You can choose the type of wood (from 40 different wood types) and the configuration that is needed to be based on the design of the switch or outlet.  We even customize covers for telephone, internet, and cable wires to turn that distracting component into a well-thought-out design feature. 


Tips for Choosing the Wood Type

When choosing the type of wood that you desire consider:

  • The wood grain
  • The color of the raw wood
  • The decor that exists or is intended
  • The type of furniture and/or cabinets that is in the room 

Each type of wood cover plate has an original wood grain that is eye-catching.  Yellow Pine, African Mahogany, and Douglas Fir have the most subtle wood grain when compared to Ash, Pecan, and Oakwood. Tennessee Cedar is a great addition to rustic decor or country decor, while for modern decor Teakwood or Bloodwood is more likely to complement the ambiance. 

Many home decorators recommend matching the wood cover plates and outlet covers perfectly to the furniture or cabinets that are featured in the room.  This is possible with the wide variety of wood cover plates that we offer and the fact that the covers come unfinished.  You can stain or varnish your wall covers yourself to precisely match the furniture or cabinets in the room. 

If you prefer, we do offer the service of staining or poly-coating the wall plates for you, but most of our customers choose to do that themselves. 

Wood cover plates are great for the creative type.  They can be decorated by painting them, stenciling them, or painting an original design on each one.

Protecting Your Wood Cover Plates

Although our custom-made wood cover plates and outlet covers come unfinished, we do recommend that you at least cover them with a poly coating or varnish to protect the wood.  It also makes them easier to clean.  It is not recommended that you use unfinished wood without some type of protection. 

When it comes to Pine Wood and Cedar, many use both furniture and wall covers without finishing them because they prefer that "natural look".  If you choose to use unfinished wood, here are some tips for keeping it looking its best:

  • Guard the wood against direct exposure to sunlight or heat.
  • Dust the wood regularly using a clean duster or cloth to keep the dust from building up
  • Wash the wood occasionally using a damp cloth and mild wood soap
  • Apply protective wood oil to the wood at least once a year to keep the wood from drying out and cracking

Wood cover plates and switch plates make it possible for you to add exclusivity to any home decor.  After all, ingenuity is in the details. 

Light Switch Cover Plate

A light switch cover plate can give a room a more finished look. Exposed electrical wires can be hazardous and cause electrocution. Uncovered wires are unsafe and make a room look messy. Having a light switch cover plate and other outlet covers can help prevent hazards. Not only do light switch cover plates hide electrical wiring, but they add to the overall decorating theme of the room. Arnev Products Inc. has a huge inventory of light switch cover plates.



Most of the light switch cover plate designs carried by Arnev Products Inc. are available in 53 different configurations. You can match all of your cover plates throughout the entire home. Outlet cover plates, cable hook-up cover plates, telephone jack cover plates, and other configurations are available. Match your light switch cover plate to every electrical outlet and cable hook-up plate in the entire house, or just one room. Arnev Products Inc. has light switch cover plate configurations to fit from single switch layouts to eight switch layouts and any number in between. You'll also find configurations for single power socket outlet covers up to eight-socket switch plates.

Multiple configurations are also available in rocker light switch cover plate designs. You can also choose from a variety of combination configurations.


If you would like to match your light switch cover plate to the other outlet and cable hook-up plate covers in your home, be sure to select a design that is available in a variety of configurations. Arnev Products Inc. offers most of its cover plate configurations in a variety of colors and patterns. Decorative cover plates add a finishing touch to the theme of your room. Choose from a multitude of wood stains, metal finishes, colored plastics, and other design styles. Your light switch cover plates can be matched to the color of your curtains, carpet, or furniture. Cover plates can be blended in with the wood finish of baseboards, cabinets, and the paint color of the room. You might even choose a light switch cover plate with a southwestern, renaissance, or wilderness theme.

Arnev Products Inc. also has a variety of jewel-tone colors, beveled glass finishes, and paint-your-light0000000 switch cover plate options. Light switch cover and outlet cover plates do not have to be plain. Make a statement with your decorating theme by having stylish cover plates installed throughout your home. Cover plates come in many unique styles and are made from a variety of materials. You can find a light switch cover plate for every room in your home at Arnev Products Inc.