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Brass Switchplate Atricle From Arnev Products, Inc.

Arnev Products, Inc. manufactures a variety of brass plate covers for a variety of electrical wiring projects. Brass covers are great for your home, church, or office building. Our brass plate covers and cable boxes come in many configurations. Arnev designs outlet covers, light switch covers, and cable boxes, and other brass covers for wall or floor installation. Covers are also available for installation in wood, concrete, or brick.
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Brass Cable Covers

Cable covers and cable boxes house the wiring components used to stream Internet, cable, and telephone services into the building. Covers are great for protecting wiring and modular jacks from damage. They also hide wiring neatly in the wall or floor of your building. Arnev Products, Inc. manufactures cable covers and boxes in a variety of designs and colors. For those who prefer a clean, classic look, brass plate covers make the perfect match to any home decor. Cable covers and cable boxes made from brass are featured in our inventory. We offer small and large cable jacks, Ethernet cable access points, and low-voltage device jacks for telephones and other devices. Products are made from stain and scratch-resistant brass.

We also carry a variety of modular jacks in the sizes required to fit all of your cables. Modular jacks are inserted into cable boxes and covers so you can plug in your cables with a secure and snug fit. Our modular jacks are available in six different colors. Before slipping your brass plate covers over your cable access points, color-code your wiring system with modular jacks. This will help you make sure you never confuse your cables and cable hook-up access points.

Other Uses

Brass plate covers can be used at home for a variety of things. For home use, brass plate covers and outlet boxes can be installed on the wall or floor. Cable and power access points throughout your home can be neatly covered with brass covers made by Arnev. Brass covers are available as light switch plates, outlet covers, and more. We also have a variety of cable boxes and brass plate covers that can accommodate all of your home theater devices in one compartmentalized area.

Arnev Products, Inc. manufactures larger, more durable cable boxes and covers for concrete buildings like offices, schools, churches, and more. These brass plate covers and boxes can be installed on wooden or concrete walls and floors. These larger covers are great for schools and churches that might need multiple outlets and cable access points in one spot for setting up theater systems. We manufacture large concrete wall cable boxes and brass covers that include visual, audio, and Internet connection configurations.


We manufacture a variety of designer plate covers for everyday use. Our brass plate covers and boxes provide a shiny, clean finish to your outlets and light switches. Arnev Products, Inc. has designed a complete line of decorative brass plate covers and boxes for your home or building.

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