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AV Floor Boxes, From Arnev Products, Inc.

Audio-Video Floor boxes are the perfect way to turn your living room into a home theater. People pay exorbitant amounts of money to go to the movies these days - the cost of the ticket, the cost of the food at the concession stand, and even the cost of the gas to get there are all factors in the price of a movie. Consider instead that you could have a home theater with an incredible surround sound system and your popcorn in the comfort of your own home without having to pay the hiked-up prices of most modern movie theaters.

The idea behind Audio-Video floor boxes is that you can route everything related to audio and visual cables easily and cleanly. Nothing is worse than looking behind a wonderfully set up entertainment center to find the backside of it is a complete rat's nest of wires and cabling. Consider that to have an amazing home theater, you need the television itself, a cable box, a DVD or Blu-Ray player, and then a speaker system as well as power cords for all of these. With that sheer amount of cables and wires, having it all out is not only ugly looking, but it's also a fire hazard.

An advantage of routing your wiring through Audio-Video floor boxes is that they are a tried and true safety measure.  If a wire sparks, it can catch fire to the surrounding wires leading to a larger-scale fire. With all the wires safely inside the box, which is inside the concrete, the fire is contained to the box itself. While this will, of course, destroy the wiring, it saves the more valuable electronics and your house from the dangers of the flames.

Additionally, the benefit of having Audio-Video floor boxes is that you can hide them if you don't need them. Whether this means having the floor box under some carpet or getting a floor box cover that matches your existing floor, these ground-sunk bits of machinery can close and go flush into the ground. This makes them perfect for places where you may only temporarily need to have a floor box or outlet, but not all the time. An example of that kind of situation would be if you're temporarily having someone play a video through their laptop, or need to have something set up where you are displaying your screen on the television - which is, perhaps, the best video game system ever.

No matter the need, Arnev Products has the right floor box for you, ranging from regular electrical outlets to AV floor boxes and more.
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