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From Arnev Products waterproof products

Weatherproof electrical outlets are not just for patios and other outdoor areas; they are also an excellent idea for any area that might attract water. Arnev Products Inc. makers of the fine quality switch plate and outlet covers also distribute waterproof floor boxes for your home or business.


Whenever you are putting outlets outside you will of course want to use weatherproof electrical outlets. Arnev Products offers two outdoor floor boxes suitable for concrete, brick patio paver, tile, and similar types of flooring. These are not appropriate for wood flooring. These boxes are installed into the concrete or tile so they are pretty much flush with the walking surface. They close to keep water from getting into the electronics and pop open to allow outlets to be used when the weather is clear. There are two alternatives; a push-button open for maximum ease and convenience, and a hex key open for more security in areas where you wish to limit access to authorized users only. These boxes are a must for patio and pool areas, porches, carports, or any outdoor workspaces that may be exposed to rain. While they are not made to withstand immersion in water, they are sealed in their closed position to prevent water from getting into or reacting with the electrical wires within the box.

Outlet Placement

Weatherproof electrical outlets are an option in garages, basements, washing areas, factory floors, or any place that is at risk of getting wet. Floor boxes are a convenient way to create additional access to electrical outlets without having to dig behind furniture and boxes to get to a wall outlet. They do however pose the risk of damage if water is spilled. Using these boxes which seal to prevent water from getting into the outlets it allows the positioning of electrical outlets in many more convenient places and allows the walls to be used for shelving and furniture.

Arnev Products Inc

We have been distributing floor boxes, switch plate covers, outlet covers, and weatherproof electrical outlets from our production facility in Illinois since 1989.  You can order our products safely and securely online using our X-Cart online shopping cart feature which is set up so that no Arnev employee can see your credit card number. We accept MasterCard, American Express, Visa, and Discover cards and are also set up to accept phone orders or through the We offer a thirty-day, money-back guarantee on all of our floor boxes.

So when you need additional outlets and safety dictates that they be waterproof remember to contact Arnev Products Inc. where we have the best weatherproof electrical outlets on the market today!

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