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Receptacle Covers from Arnev Products

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If there is one thing true about homeownership, it is the need for cabinets and receptacle covers in a variety of places around your house. While you could pay for someone to come install these things for you, that often costs a large amount of money which could be better spent.

After all, especially in the troubled economy of the last few years, who has that kind of money laying around - especially when you could pay far, far, less and simply install them yourself? Furthermore, with HGTV showing a variety of home improvement programs that guide you on how to do your own room design and home renovation, why sit back and let someone else work on your home?

How to Use Receptacle Covers in Your Home

Overall, the idea of Arnev's receptacle covers is that you want to avoid having outlets and wires strewn everywhere in your home. By installing a floor box for outlets and wires, you can give yourself an easy way to have access to the electronics and power that you want without having to worry about unsafe and unsightly extension cords running all over your home.

For example, with a brass-covered floor box, you can easily plug or unplug electrical appliances through it as needed. When you don't need a plugin, however, the cover folds down and hides the outlets out of sight, leaving a smooth place on your floor. Without that cover, you might have someone trip on the edge of the outlet or over an extension cord.

Outdoor Covers as Well!

Another common use for these covers is for outlets and switches on the outside of your house. The classic image of the American house is one with a wide deck or back yard to be enjoyed on holidays or over the summer, perhaps even with a pool installed. Of course, as the sun sets, you need to have lights to be able to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks, so that requires outlets or switches outside. With an outlet cover from Arnev, made of durable, heavy-duty plastic, you can have that without having to worry about the weather wearing away your electronics, or worse, getting into the wires and causing a dangerous short circuit.

A History of Excellence

For decades, Arnev Products has been providing quality switch plates and outlet covers. Each one is made in the United States and comes with the full backing of the company. Whether you're ordering from the catalog, the website, or in shops around the country, you can rest assured that your receptacle covers are made to be the best.