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Carlon Floor boxes for Wood and Concrete.

We offer many floor boxes from the Carlon company and in many sizes and floor box finishes.  We have a wide selection of electrical floor boxes with power and data for those who need tel, CAT5-6, HDMI, USB, and other devices which are so important with how these floor box receptacles are used.  These floor receptacle boxes are designed for wood and concrete floors with flip lids, screw-out plug, and even are double and triple gang boxes in PVC and with metal covers in Brass and Aluminum, and these are spectacular.

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SKU Product name   Price  
APC-B121BFSS APC-B121BFSS Floor Box For Duplex in Stainless
  • $249.88
SKU1302 APC-100F Floor Box for Leviton snap-in devices
  • $249.88
APC-B234BFBB APC-B234BFBB Floor Box Housing, 2-gang For Decora or Low Voltage
  • $218.88
APC-B234BFSS APC-B234BFSS Floor Box 2-gang For Decora or Low Voltage
  • $327.88
APC-E970CDX APC-E970CDX Floor Box 1/2 inch conduit openings
  • $27.88
APC-E970CEX APC-E970CEX Floor Box 3/4 inch conduit oprning
  • $28.88
APC-E971FB 5-Pack APC-E971FB 5-Pack Floor Box 5-Per Pack
  • $215.88
APC-E971FB APC-E971FB Floor Box 1-Per Pack
  • $62.88
APC-E971FBDI-2 APC-E971FBDI-2 Floor Box with hole saw
  • $112.88
APC-E971FBDIB-2 APC-E971FBDIB-2 Floor Box with no hole saw
  • $88.88
APC-E97SSG APC-E97SSG Floor Box Cover 5.5" cover w/1.25" NPS opening and single receptacle
  • $258.88
APC-E97SS APC-E97SS Floor Box Cover Stainless for GFCI
  • $251.88
APC-E97SS2D APC-E97SS2D Floor Box Cover Stainless w/divider kit
  • $294.88
APC-E97BR APC-E97BR Floor Box Cover Brass for GFCI
  • $197.88
APC-E97BR2 APC-E97BR2 Floor Box Cover Brass for Duplex
  • $159.88
Items: 115 of 46, per page