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#17. Audio Video Floor Boxes

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Mini stage pocket Mini Stage Pocket AV floor box. you can fit up to (4) smaller connectors (1/8, RCA's, BNC's etc.) or (2) larger connectors (XLR's, 1/4", etc.)
  • 16% less
  • $187.88
Half Pocket AV Floor box Half Pocket AV floor box with room for up to one duplex, or six low voltage devices.
  • $261.88
Full Pocket Full Pocket AV Floor Box with room for up to one duplex and up to six low voltage devices.
  • $293.88
Double Wide Pocket Double Wide Pocket AV Floor box with room for up to four duplex receptacles or up to 24 low voltage devices.
  • $588.88
Super Pocket AV Box Super Pocket AV Floor Box with room for up to two duplex receptacles and up to 24 low voltage devices.
  • $491.88
Super Double Pocket Super Double Pocket AV Floor Box with room for up to 8 duplex receptacles or up to 48 low voltage devices, or the combination of all these devices.
  • $796.88
SKU1557 Audio Video Connectors and Panels, Starting at $2.00
  • $2.00
AP-CF9C AP-CF9C SERIES FLOOR BOX FOR CONCRETE FLOOR. This is a dual service floor box for use with conduit in a poured concrete floor.
  • $262.50
AP-CF10C floor box for concrete AP-CF10C - EIGHT PORT BOX for concrete floors with with four ports for Power and four ports for AV or low voltage.
  • $411.20
AP-RF9C For Raised wooden floors AP-RF9C AV Floor Box is a dual service for raised WOODEN FLOORS. The box is constructed of 16 Ga. Galvanized steel and is supplied complete with 1/4" cast aluminum cover assembly.
  • $238.88
AP-RF10C Floor box for wood AP-RF10C SERIES Floor Box is a large capacity dual service eight port floor box for use in a raised WOODEN FLOOR.
  • $312.88
Table Top AV Box #145SLBK Audio Video Table Top Box with up to 12 optional low voltage connectors available in this one small box, so you can customize your box.
  • $396.88
146SLBK Table Top Box Pull Through Table Top AV Floor Box with Textured Black Finish
  • $288.88
AP-812-DFB-LR-W/2XLR AP-812-DFB-LR-W/2XLR Floor Box for XLR Microphone jacks and flush mount with floor
  • 20% less
  • $231.88