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Floor box connectors for TELE-CAT5-CTV, etc.

When you install an electrical floor box, you sometimes will need a low voltage device like a telephone jack, cable TV jack, USB, or an HDMI connector in the floor box receptacle along with power.  So we have all that you should need for your floor boxes, so check them out at Arnev Products, Inc. 800-260-1181, and all in stock and ready for delivery.

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SKU Product name   Price  
AP-RRP-2-PQ Low voltage housing for many wood and concrete floor boxes
  • $15.30
AP-804-DRU Black Receptacle Duplex Receptacle AP-804-DRU for floor boxes
  • $15.00
CAT5e in Black (L310-110BK) CAT5e in Black - L310-110BK
  • $22.70
HDMI Snap in -Black L310-HDMI-BK HDMI Snap in connector only available in Black
  • $58.70
USB Snap-in Black (L310-USB-BK) USB Snap-in connector for our AP-RRP-2-PQ housing for many floor boxes for wood and concrete, only in Black!
  • $48.80