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Acrylic Mirrored Switch Plates

Acrylic Mirrored Light Switchplates in 34 configurations.

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  • $6.87
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    Qty:   A. Single Switch (SS)
    Qty:   B. Outlet Cover (OC) 2 oval shaped holes
    Qty:   C. Double Switch (DS) $10.87
    Qty:   D. Combo Switch (CS) $10.87
    Qty:   E. Triple Switch (TS) $14.87
    Qty:   F. Groundfault/Rocker (GF)
    Qty:   G. Double Switch/Outlet Cover (DSOC) $14.87
    Qty:   H. Groundfault/Single Switch (GFSS) $10.87
    Qty:   I. Double Outlet Cover (QOC) 4 oval shaped holes $10.87
    Qty:   J. Triple Groundfault/Rocker (TGF) $14.87
    Qty:   K. Double Groundfault/Rocker (DGF) $10.87
    Qty:   L. Quad Switch (QS) $19.87
    Qty:   M. Groundfault/Double Toggle (GFDT) $10.87
    Qty:   N. Quad Groundfault/Rocker (QGF) $19.87
    Qty:   O. Outlet Cover/Triple Switch (OCTS) $19.87
    Qty:   P. Groundfault/Triple Switch (GFTS) $19.87
    Qty:   Q. Groundfault/Double Switch (GFDS) $14.87
    Qty:   R. Double Groundfault/Single Switch (DFG/SS) $14.87
    Qty:   S. Double Outlet/Single Switch (DOC/SS) $14.87
    Qty:   T. Five Switch (5S) $23.87
    Qty:   U. Six Switch (6S) $28.87
    Qty:   V. Five Groundfault/Rocker (5GF) $23.87
    Qty:   W. Six Groundfault/Rocker $28.87
    Qty:   X. Triple outlet cover (TOC) $14.87
    Qty:   Y. Single Blank
    Qty:   Z. Double Blank $10.87
    Qty:   AA. Single Cable TV, Satellite with f connector attached $16.87
    Qty:   BB. Single Telephone with jack attached $21.87
    Qty:   BB-2. One Cable TV, Satellite with f connectors attached and One Telephone connector attached. $25.87
    Qty:   CC. Double Despard $9.87
    Qty:   DD. Triple Despard $9.87
    Qty:   EE. Quad Despard $11.87
    Qty:   FF. Six Despard $11.87
    Qty:   GG. Round Dimmer Knob
    Qty:   Single Modular snap-in, see below: $21.87
    Qty:   Double Modular snap in, see below: $21.87
    Qty:   Triple Modular snap in, see below: Snap in's not included. $21.87
    Qty:   Quad Modular snap in, see below: Snap in's not included. $21.87
    Qty:   Six Modular snap in, see below: Snap in's not included. $21.87
    Qty:   Single size gasket (may be needed) 3 1/2" wide by 5 1/4" high $4.00
    Qty:   Double size gasket (May be needed) 5 1/4" wide by 5 1/4" high $5.00
    Qty:   Triple size gasket (May be needed) 7 1/4" wide by 5 1/4" high $6.00
    Qty:   Quad size gasket (May be needed) 9" wide by 5 1/4" high $7.00

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    Acrylic Mirrored Switch Plates

You might need a gasket with your glass switch plates.  If the plug or switch in the wall is sticking out too far, the glass switch plate may not fit snug against the wall.  Since all glass switchplates are flat on the backsides, our gaskets peel and stick to the outer edges of the back sides, and let the plug or switch extend into the plate and let the glass plate fit snug against the wall for the best desired appearance.
The gaskets at about 1/8th inch clear acrylic, and almost disappear when installed correctly and allow the glass switch plate to fit tight against the wall.  In some cases, you may need two gaskets.  They are available in 4 sizes for the 1-2-3-4 gang switch plates.  Please review the installation instuctions by scrolling down this page for more information.


Acrylic Mirrored Switchplates are the necessary accessory to your mirrored wall. Why put a plastic or metal light switch cover on your wall when you can have beautiful beveled acrylic mirrored switchplates? It’s also a great alternative when you are having trouble matching existing paint or wallpaper colors. Mirrored Accessories are also available.

 All acrylic mirrored switchplates include screws.

  All our acrylic mirrored switch plates are referred to as a mid-sized part. They are a bit larger than the standard size, but not over-sized. Having them a bit larger usually covers up any irregularities that could have occurred when the dry wall was cut for the electrical box openings, which does occur quite often. Also, this would cover up any outlines by old paint or wallpaper. However, they are not so oversized that they don’t fit into the space usually allotted for the standard sizes.

Our acrylic mirrored wall plates can be flipped upside-down to fit your particular electrical configuration. Let’s say you have a combination style, with the switches on one side, and the outlets on the other side. You can just flip the part over.


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