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What are Socketops?, From Arnev Products, Inc.

So you've just remodeled your home, and you even have purchased new switch plates to compliment your new decor, but you still have those ugly cream or white plugs or rocker switches sticking out everywhere and they don't look very attractive against your new backsplash or painting job.  Here is how our Socketops do the trick without having to change out the receptacles and switches in the walls.

Socketops is a Peel and Stick laminate that simply attaches to the ugly old receptacle to enhance the appearance of your power sockets and switches, old or new!  They are completely safe, non-electrical conducting, and currently come in 13 different finishes.  Saves you hundreds of dollars by changing the appearance of ugly old white or cream receptacles without hiring an electrician, and compliments your new custom light switch plates.

Here are the available finishes

Socketops finishesSocketops on switch plate covers

Socketops Available Styles

Duplex Receptacles (set of 2)

Decora Receptacles

GFCI Receptacles (with the push-button circuit interrupt)

How to install Socketops

  • Turn off the power
  • Remove wallplate if needed
  • Clean grease and dirt from the receptacle by spraying a household cleaner (Fantastic, Windex) on a soft cloth and wiping the surface.  Dry thoroughly.
  • If the receptacle is sticking out too far from the front of the switchplate, you will need to remove the wallplate and adjust the adjusting screws on the receptacle in or out, and then test it by putting the wallplate against the wall to get it to the right location.  The receptacle should be slightly behind the wall plate for the best appearance.  You might want to take a permanent black marking pen and color in where the plugs go into the receptacles, as you will still see the white or cream color in the receptacles, even with "Socketops" in place.  This may not be an issue to many customers, but just a thought to make them look perfect.
  • Peel off Socketops small "hanging chads" if there are any, and peel off the backing exposing the adhesive side.  Try not to touch the adhesive side if at all possible.
  • To help with the alignment, you could insert two electrical plugs into the Socketops with the adhesive side toward the receptacle.  A duplex-style receptacle will only need one plug.  Insert the plug (plugs) into the receptacle and press firmly.  Remove the plugs and continue to press firmly.  If you can eyeball this section, then it will not be a problem.
  • Replace the plate cover and restore the power.
  • Please note:  There may occasionally be very slight differences in the size of Decora-Decorator devices because of a different manufacturer.  We manufactured our Decora-Decorator Style plugs and switches a bit larger to accommodate all sizes.  You may have to trim off the bottom edge carefully to accommodate your size Decora switch.

Large Rocker Switches (the newest style switch, which is replacing the small toggle)

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