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Outfit Your Home With Speaker Connector Wall Plates.
If you are rewiring the electricity in your home or adding cable, you'll want to install wall plates, including speaker connector wall plates, throughout the rooms of your home. Most of the products available through Arnev come in 53 standard configurations. This means that all of your power outlets, cable connectors, light switches, and speaker connector wall plates are sure to match throughout your entire home.
About Us
Arnev Products, Inc. was founded in 1989. We have been manufacturing decorative electrical switch plates for more than 20 years. We manufacture switch plates in a variety of configurations. Power outlets, cable connectors, phone jacks, internet jacks, and speaker connector wall plates can all match. Our products are available in almost every state across the U.S. You can also find our switch plate products in mail-order catalogs and on the Internet at

At Arnev, we promise to manufacture products that are made from the highest-grade materials possible. This makes our products sturdy, scratch-resistant, and durable for years. We believe our products offer quality and reliability. We offer a large array of electrical configurations including speaker connector wall plates in a variety of colors and styles. Our designs offer maintenance-free decorating to every room of your home. We constantly produce new and innovative switch plate cover designs. Keeping up with the latest trends in electrical wiring and home fashion, Arnev switch plate covers offer safe and secure finishing to all of your home wiring projects, while also providing a decorative touch to your walls.

Multiple Designs

Are you looking for switch plate covers for your walls or floors? At Arnev, we offer both. Arnev switch plate covers come in a variety of configurations, including cable connectors, power outlets, telephone jacks, and speaker connector wall plates. Our switch plate covers can be mounted to the wall for a clean, secure place for housing electrical wiring or inserted into the flooring to provide electrical outlets in every part of your home. Choose from a variety of brushed metals, colorful plastics, and wood-carved switch plate covers. At Arnev, we'll have a switch plate design to match the décor in your home.

Woman's Day

Arnev products have recently been featured in Woman's Day Magazine in an article called "Walls, Windows, and Floors." Our switchplates were discussed in the article as being of high quality and value. Readers found out that they can select switch plate covers to match the decor throughout the entire home or choose specially designed switch plate covers to add details to the room's decorating scheme. Editors of the magazine were impressed with the number of designs and configurations we offer, including speaker connector wall plates.

Wall Plates

If you are decorating your home with a theme, even the simplest wall plates can make a huge difference in the style and design of the room. Many people forget what great home decorating accents light switch covers and outlet covers make. By changing out the plain light switch and outlet covers for designer covers, you could make a big impact on your home's decor.


Arnev Products, Inc. is a Wisconsin-based manufacturing company established in 1989 by Arnie Evans. Arnev Products, Inc. makes decorative electrical light switches and wall plates as well as other home decorating accents. Products are featured in fine lighting stores, gift shops, hardware stores, and at Arnev Products Inc. has been expanding its product line to include wall plates featuring different finishes, punched designs, and themes. Products come in a variety of configurations and can be installed to add decorative embellishment to every room in the house. Electrical wall plates are designed to match the variety of other home decorating accents available for purchase at

Designer Wall Plates

Designer wall plates are available in different designs and finishes. There is sure to be a light switch and outlet cover plate to match any theme you have selected to decorate your home no matter which theme you have chosen. Custom light switch plates and outlet covers make beautiful home decorating accents. Styles include brushed metal, wooden, glass, and others.

Arnev manufactures metal light switches and outlet cover plates in more than 30 different custom finishes. Switchplates and wall plates are available in bronze, gold, pewter, rust, black, satin, verdigris, copper, weathered white, antiqued gold, iron, chocolate, cherry, and steel. Combinations of these and other finishes are also available. Arnev produces and distributes light switch and outlet cover plates made from beveled glass, acrylic, gray glass, frosted glass, and glass materials. Metal light switches and outlet cover plates can be punched with a few different patterns and designs.

Wooden Wall Plates

Home decorators can purchase metal-backed and non-metal-backed wooden light switches and wall plates at Wooden light switch and outlet covers are available in almost as many finishes as the custom glass and metal switch plate covers. You can choose from wood grains like mahogany, alder, ash, maple, pine, butternut, cherry, cocobolo, oak, and others. Home decorators may select a finishing edge they would like to finish the look of their wall plates. Arnev can make rounded, beaded, chamfered, cove, and square edges on their wooden switch plate covers. Wooden light switches and outlet wall plates are all custom handmade by Arnev Products, Inc.

Wall Plate II

Decorating your home with a theme is easy when you include a matching wall plate over outlets and light switches. From simple, plain colors to intricate designs, designer switchplates make a big difference in the style and design of the room. Many people forget that wall plates make excellent decorating accents. By changing your plain light switch and outlet covers for designer covers, you could make a big impact on your home's decorating theme.
Our company was established in 1989 by Arnie Evans. We are a Wisconsin-based company that is proud to manufacture American-made products from American raw materials. Arnev Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of decorative electrical switch plates as well as other home decorating accents. Our products are featured in fine lighting stores, gift shops, and hardware stores. For consumers wanting to purchase our wall plate covers, we make them available on this website. Feel free to shop our line of products and place your order at any time of day or night, right from your home computer.

We are always expanding our product line to include switchplates that feature different finishes, punched designs, and themes. Our wall plate products come in a variety of configurations and can be installed to add decorative embellishment to bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, garages, and almost any other room in the house. We offer to manufacture a variety of other home decorating accents including cabinet hardware, hooks, and bathroom accessories to match our cover designs. Designer wall plates are available in different designs and finishes. Styles include brushed metal, wooden, and porcelain.

Our metal light switch and outlet cover plates are manufactured in more than 30 different custom finishes. Switchplate covers are available in bronze, gold, pewter, rust, black, satin, verdigris, copper, weathered white, antiqued gold, iron, chocolate, cherry, and steel. Combinations of these and other finishes are also available. For a simple, yet beautiful look, choose a glass wall plate. We offer outlet and light switch covers in beveled glass, acrylic, gray glass, and frosted glass materials.
Our selection of designer light switches and outlet cover plates does not stop at metal and glass. We offer a wide selection of wooden covers. Home decorators can purchase metal-backed and non-metal-backed wooden light switch covers here on our website. Wooden light switch and outlet covers are available in almost as many finishes as the custom glass and metal switch plate covers. You can choose from wood grains like mahogany, alder, ash, maple, pine, butternut, cherry, cocobolo, oak, and others. Select a decorative finishing edge to add to the look of your wooden wall plate. We can make rounded, beaded, chamfered, cove, and square edges on our wooden switch plate covers.
Decorative Wall Plates

Decorative wall plates can come in many styles, designs, and colors. Depending on your needs and what you want your completed space to look like will depend on which wall plate finish you choose. You can pick from plain, metal, wood, or glass finishes of switch plates. You can choose the simulated stone look, imprinted designs, or switch plates cut to look like your favorite animal. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured you are getting the highest quality products at the most affordable prices with Arnev Products, Inc.
We are an Internet-based company with a brick-and-mortar manufacturing plant in Wisconsin. Although you can purchase our products under the names 'The Heritage Collection' and 'The Big Switchover' in fine lighting stores and hardware stores around the country, our Internet storefront lets you browse our full line of decorative wall plates and other finishing products to give your room a finished look.
You can be sure you are receiving quality products and exceptional customer service with We even take pride in our packaging! We want to make sure that your overall satisfaction is warranted by our attention to detail and quality materials and workmanship.
One of the features we are most proud of is that all our decorative wall plates are American-made. You read right! They are made right here on American soil from the finest metals and woods available.
We are committed to quality customer service and exceptional customer care. Your satisfaction is our main concern. That is why we offer a refund policy with a money-back guarantee. Our order and return policies are posted on our website for you to review. Although we know you will be happy with the decorative wall plates you ordered, should you be dissatisfied for any reason, you can return them to us following our return policy. We stand behind our products and our commitment to you.
We invite you to browse our online catalog of decorative wall plates and our full lineup of other products. We also encourage you to read all of our policies including our privacy policy, refinishing policy, and more. Finally, please read our testimonials from our past customers and our frequently asked questions section. This area will answer most of your basic questions quickly. Should you have questions or concerns beyond that, please feel free to contact us.
We know how important your space is to you. We also know how important working with a great company can be. That is why we offer quality products and customer service. It is our goal to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the highest quality, American-made decorative wall plates you have ever laid eyes on.

Electrical wall plates are manufactured in more than 100 different finishes by Arenv Products, Inc. These American-made wall plates come in wood stains, metal washes, and even glass. No matter what color that you need to make your room pop we have it. Here at completing your design project is made incredibly easy.

Our inventory features a variety of custom-designed products to enhance every room. Many of the products such as electrical wall plates and light switches come in matching designs, this is for the person that would like to customize the theme of their light switch and outlet covers throughout their entire home. At Arnev we have more than 100 finishes for you to choose from to create continuity throughout the house. We have special designs that include bamboo, chamberlain, and hammerhein.

If stylized covers aren't for you, select from a variety of wood, unwashed metal, or plastic electrical wall plates. When you have picked which design you'd like for your electrical plate covers, choose a metal wash to finish the look. You can choose from 38 metal switchplate washes like verdigris, gold, rust, pewter, copper, bronze, and more. We also offer wooden electrical plates that come in more than 90 finishes. These electrical wall plates feature natural wood grain such as mahogany, alder, ash, maple, pine, butternut, cherry, cocobolo, oak and so many more. Wooden switch plate covers are a great accent to decorating themes in cabins, cottages, and rustic-style homes.

For the more adventurous and theme-oriented decorator, there are many designer options. The adventurous designer may want to try power outlet covers featuring grape, button, sonnet, and Oceanus designs. Designer switch plates are also available in southwestern, French, country, and punched designs. You can get switch plates featuring flowers, music notes, dessert stars, diamond shapes, or bright colors.

Be creative and select switch plates to match your style so that they can be reflected in your design theme. Electrical wall plates can blend with the color of your walls or if you have a sparkly personality choose a design that stands out from the wall. Out of our many designs, you are sure to find one that's right for you either by shopping here online or at one of your local hardware stores. Many people are skeptical about purchasing things online, which is why we have made our ordering process very secure. For the person that still doesn't feel comfortable making an online purchase we also accept mail and phone orders.

As simple as it may seem but small accents such as electrical wall plates can make all the difference in your room design. We hope to hear from you soon.

Wall Plate Covers

Are you tired of not properly covering wires, switches, and outlets or if they are covered have those ugly plastic wall plate covers? It is time that you look into getting some fabulous plate covers. Don't leave your home remodeling job unfinished by allowing your light switches and power outlets to go uncovered.  Not only is this not pleasant to look at it can also be dangerous and someone could get hurt. It is important to the safety of your family that every light switch and power outlet in your home is covered with wall plate covers.

Safety is always the most important thing when it comes to your home. If your home's insulation and electrical wiring are exposed behind your power outlet, you need to cover them. Uncovered power outlets and light switches leave dangerous wires and insulation exposed. When these things are left uncovered children as well as pets can get injured, therefore it is important to properly cover them with non-current conducting outlet covers. Electrical wiring can cause house fires and electrical shock and exposed wiring pulsing with an electric current is dangerous, children, adults, and pets can be shocked if they touch the wiring.

Here at Arnev, we manufacture power outlets and light switch covers in today's most trending fashion. Today everyone wants to have custom touches all over the house, so don't just slap any plain cover over the outlet. Plain outlet covers are a thing of the past. Choose wall plate covers that are guaranteed to bring a decorative element to your home that fits your decor style. Give your home an updated modern look with designer outlet and light switch covers from Arnev, we even carry Socketops to compliment your outlet plate covers.

The covers that we offer are durable and made from high-quality materials. We offer many different varieties of styles of wall plate covers that range from metal finishes, plain finishes, and wood finishes to others including stamped heart, star, or distinctive Southwest designs. The metal finishes come in brushed chrome, brushed copper, brushed steel, shiny chrome, solid brass, and stainless steel, while the plain finishes include white enamel, Bermuda sand, ivory, almond, terra cotta, mystic copper, mirror black, copper patina, pewter, renaissance bronze, and soft matte black. If you are looking for a more natural look we also offer wood and Sonique, a simulated stone material.  All metal switch plates are manufactured in the USA by Arnev Products, Inc.
We offer many shopping options for your convenience, but our most popular and quickest shopping experience is through our online shopping cart service, provided through X-Cart. Using this safe and secure online shopping service, no Arnev employee will ever see your credit card number. We also are happy to take your orders by phone and via mail. You can find our wall plate covers in many local hardware stores.

AV Wall Plates

AV wall plates are a great way to leave your cables plugged in and organized without interfering with other outlets and devices in the room. You can use wall plates for any type of audio or visual equipment including microphones, HDMI connections, telephone connections, and more. The possibilities are endless with the ability to easily connect your audiovisual equipment.

Arnev also provides some more specialized products for those with less common needs. Floor boxes, blank switch plates, in-wall boxes and picture frame lightboxes, low voltage covers for RVs, and other specialized products are available. When it comes down to it, we have the expertise, variety, and quality to get the job done correctly. We provide AV wall plates in a multitude of configurations. We offer custom plates in a variety of sizes and for a variety of purposes including CAT, cable TV, and speaker wires.

We are based in Keshena, Wisconsin. Founded in 1989 by Arnie Evans, we have grown to manufacture and sell our AV wall plates nationwide under the name "The Big Switchover" in fine lighting stores, hardware stores, and gift shops. Our products are also found in mail-order catalogs and available through our website. Our products are also safe, with electro-static powders for durability and designs that are not cut through the metals for your protection.

We manufacture high-quality, American-made decorative switch plates. People across the country rave about the quality of our products and have a sense of pride in buying products manufactured in the United States. We ensure our products are made with the best quality materials while still keeping them affordable for the general public. We stand behind our products. American-made equals pride in workmanship, quality materials, and happy employees and customers.

We are so sure you will be happy with your AV wall plates that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If the item you receive is not what you were expecting, please return it to us and we will refund your money minus shipping and a 30 percent restocking fee. Should your item come in damaged or defective, you can exchange it without penalty. We are committed to sending you quality items and we stand behind our products. If you are not happy for any reason, we will strive to help rectify the situation to keep you a satisfied customer.

Please read the testimonials of many of our past, happy customers. Also, please review our warranty, privacy, return, and refinishing policies so you are aware of our procedures. Finally, feel safe about ordering your AV wall plates from us, and know you will receive only the best American-made products available today.

Decorative Wall Plate

When you need a decorative wall plate to finish the look in a room, where do you shop? Do you go to a hardware store with a limited selection of cheap switch plates and outlet covers? Or do you do some research to find good quality plates that are affordable and available at many stores nationwide? Arnev offers you an extensive selection of wall plates and covers that are affordable and made with quality. Plus, our products are made in the U.S.A. with quality materials.

Arnie Evans founded Arnev in 1989. In 2006, Arnie's wife, Patti, became the CEO and president of Arnev Products, Inc. and has introduced many new products to our product line to be sold across the United States under the name "The Big Switchover". We stand behind the quality of our workmanship and products while offering you the largest array of electrical configurations. We have also expanded to include cabinet hardware, floor boxes, and even rustic home décor. We have a passion for bringing uniqueness to your home or office and it is important to do so with consistently high-quality products such as our decorative wall plate and outlet covers.

Our wide selection includes a plain and metal-finished decorative wall plate and a plain pewter switch plate. We offer covers with a punched border and a punched heart or star design, all with different colors and design options. We provide over thirty configurations in mirrored, gray mirrored, and even frosted glass; nearly twenty configurations are available in paintable beveled glass and nearly forty configurations can be provided in acrylic. Assorted high-grade woods, including over fifty specialty woods such as Koa, Redwood, and Teak are also available in almost fifty different switch plate configurations.

We even have several different southwest-style designs. You can choose among 53 switch plate configurations. If you have a themed room or a child with their room, we have some great options to choose from like rustic animal and themed switch plates as well as a decorative wall plate in porcelain enamel. The possibilities are endless to bring your room a customer and a unique finished look.

You will be blown away by the styles, colors, and configurations we offer in our switch plates and covers. Never before have you seen such a selection in one place. You will find what you are looking for with Arnev and be confident you are buying quality switch covers without breaking the bank. All products have matching screws, in either lacquered brass or the same painted powder painted finish to give your room a true, polished look and feel. It is time you bring your touch to any room with Arnev's decorative wall plate.

Wall Plates

Many people are looking for DIY articles on how to replace the wall plates in their houses. This will cover how to get the correct one, how to go about replacing it, and general information regarding possible uses of plate covers and other such options. Arnev Products is one of the best places to get these kinds of plate covers because of the wide selection, easy ordering, and easy-to-read instructions. With some time, you can set up as many types of plate covers in your home as you could want, all based on whatever room design you are planning.

Choosing the right wall plates is first a matter of choosing the room design. Always have a clear plan in mind before making any changes to your home, to avoid having to go back and make further changes all over again. This can extend from simple questions, such as 'what do I want to do with this room?' to more complicated ones such as 'what color do I want to make the accent wall?' Once you've determined what you want to do with the room, choosing the correct wall plate is as easy as considering your color palate and picking the right one from the online catalog.

To replace the wall plates in your room, always make sure that the electricity is turned off to that portion of the house. While you will not be changing anything electrical, having the plate cover off does expose the wiring underneath, and safety is a vital factor in any kind of do-it-yourself home repair or upgrades project. With the breaker turned off, a regular screwdriver should be able to be used to remove the existing screws and pull the plate away. From there, put the new plate into position and lightly thread each screw in - only once you have all the screws into place should you then tighten the screws to finish the installation.

With a wide enough selection to compliment any color palette, Arnev Products can meet any need you might have. Ordering from the website is incredibly easy as all you have to do is search based on the type of wall plates that you are looking for and choose the right color and make for you. Some examples to consider is that you can get plate covers that come in a variety of colors, as well as ones that come in metallic patterns, such as themed outdoors plates or even southwestern.

Arnev Products has a proven history of client satisfaction and is, frankly, one of the best places to get wall plates for a DIY-style home project.
Wall Plate

The wall plate is a popular hardware item within homes—popular to the point that many people never give them much thought. Electrical outlets are commonly placed within every room of homes, offices, and other places that people visit indoors, and even outdoors in some cases. You use your outlets to many different ends and appreciate outlets that have been conveniently placed. In the past, outlets were often located near the floorboards, but now, renovated and newer homes are being designed with outlets that are installed higher for added convenience. This makes it even more important to have outlet coverings that are both safe and stylish. In many homes, a wall plate with a unique design or color patterns will be the option of choice for homeowners looking for a distinct style.

Function and Aesthetics

Electricity is something that everyone depends on. To participate normally in modern society, electricity is essential to daily life, nothing less than an absolute necessity. This means that electrical wires are installed throughout homes everywhere to provide the power that you need to run your appliances and provide your home with light. The ubiquity of electricity has led to the ubiquity of the wall plate, for purposes of both safety and aesthetic enhancement. These simple covering devices shield electrical wires from exposure, and plates can also be used to cover up the cracks that can develop around drywall near electrical outlets. Your home's appearance what you work to improve, and the safety that you take for granted there, would be diminished at best without the function and style of these multi-purpose coverings.

Many Uses

Every homeowner is concerned with safety, but if you are childproofing your home, it is even more important. The wall plate can be used as a safeguard for children and pets, but you can also add other safety features that will give you added assurance. For instance, outlet plugs can easily be installed in outlet coverings, thus allowing you to both protect your outlets, and, more importantly, lessen the risk of injury within your home.

You Can Still Have Style

Many safety hardware items in your home offer protection, but do not look visually appealing. However, these outlet coverings are designed for safety purposes and to make your home more stylish. You can choose from many design options that will add elegance and flair to your home. However, many homeowners opt for more traditionally styled coverings that blend in with the wall and create a more uniform look. No matter what you are looking for, you can find coverings that match your taste exactly. The wall plate is often made of plastic, which makes it more durable for added safety.

Wall Plate Covers Used in Commercial Spaces

Wall plate covers for commercial designers are often limited to inexpensive plastic covers or covers that do not match the carefully planned interiors of commercial spaces. Particularly when interiors are accessed by the public, a cohesive design is important and details are likely to stand out.  For this reason, having matching or complementary wall plate covers is vital to any finished design scheme, whether that scheme is ultra-modern or conservative and traditional.  At Arnev Products Inc, we understand that commercial design needs custom wall plates and sockets that work in high-end design situations and not just for home use. If you have millions of potential customers about to view a design, be sure that your design incorporates all the right fixture details from Arnev first.

The major task in finding wall plate covers for use in commercial design is in locating covers that are design-appropriate but also suit the needs of commercial spaces where multiple switches, sockets, and combination outlets are normal rather than the exception.  Single light switch plates are not likely to be of use in these scenarios and having numerous switches or outlets at one central point is more common, whether that is operation lights for a showroom or numerous outlets in a commercial kitchen space.  Arnev understands this and offers over fifty configurations of switch plates, allowing commercial designers full access to a range of high-end design options while still meeting customer needs for utility and flexibility of use.

A need for wall plate covers that coordinate with the design interior is also important in commercial spaces.  It is not just residential homes that seek matching or complimentary light switches. These coordinating elements are just as - if not more - important in a commercial setting where thousands of people may see a space's interior at any given time.  These details are of high importance in pulling the space together for consumers who may spend money depending on their impression of an overall commercial space or restaurant.  Imagine losing customers over something so easy to install! Because of this, finding the right plate covers is particularly important.  Arnev offers a variety of cover options from many metals finishes to wood or glass either in mirrored, clear, or various styles that provide a sleek, modern flash of color.  Vintage or antique plate cover styles are also available for more traditional or conservative spaces.  Utilitarian ability may also be a consideration in spaces such as kitchens where the ease of cleaning may make certain plate styles preferable.  Whichever design options are needed, Arnev offers a wide selection and variety to suit the needs of any commercial designer. For the ultimate selection of wall plate covers, contact Arnev Products Inc. today.

Glass Wall Plates

Having a mirrored wall and using glass wall plates have many advantages in your home and office. It is a look that manages to combine both modern art as well as a classic formality in a way that is both classy and elegant. As a result, many people opt to get an entire section of a room, or an entire wall in some cases, replaced by such mirrored surfaces. Depending on the room or office that you're looking to put these into, however, you can come across some issues when it comes to being able to have both power outlets as well as wall switches on a mirrored wall.

Glass wall plates in your home

There are two main places to use a mirrored wall in your home, and both come down to the reason of wanting to make a smaller room look bigger. No matter if you're using a closet, office, or bathroom, having the mirrored panel wall can increase the feeling of the room's size. Traditionally, the most commonplace for the glass surface paneling in your home is the bathroom due to the need to have a mirror in the morning for any cosmetic issues, grooming, and so forth.  You still need, however, glass wall plates to be able to have power outlets for things like electric shavers and hair dryers, as well as light switches or toggles to control the bulbs in the room.

Glass walls in offices and storefronts-

In addition to having glass walls and glass wall plates in your office to create the impression of a larger office, the simple fact of the matter is that it also provides a level of security against thieves and shoplifters. Having a mirrored surface as one of your walls can make it so that you have an expanded set of sightlines over the scope of your store and can keep an eye on anyone who might be intending to rob you. As always, however, the same issues of needing glass wall plates come into being - no matter what type of office or store you're using, you'll need to be able to plug in the various devices that let you operate your business.

Arnev Products - a history of excellence

For decades, Arnev has been producing some of the finest quality walls and switch plates for homes and offices all around the United States. Manufactured locally, you are certain to find no better product for any kind of electrical plating or outlet work, regardless of if you're looking for glass wall plates or not.