Glow In The Dark Products

Glow in the dark exit signs

Arnev Products Inc. features a variety of glow in the dark products. Glow in the dark exit signs, tiles and light switch covers make the night a little brighter. Our products glow for up to ten hours and do not require electricity. Our glow in the dark exit signs are code compliant and UL listed. Keep employees and colleagues safe if the lights go off with glow in the dark products from Arnev.
Power Outage

The lights in your office building could go out at any moment unexpectedly. Power outages are caused by stormy weather, down power lines, rolling black outs and other reasons. When the room is dark, employees and customers are at risk. Light up your office building with the soft glowing light of our glow in the dark exit signs, tiles and light switches. Tiles are great for bathrooms, dark halls, door stoops and break rooms. Glow in the dark light switch covers can be placed over every switch in the building. Our glow in the dark exit signs are great over stairwell doors and main exits to your building.

Other Reasons

There are a few other reasons the lights could be out in certain rooms of your office building. Your business could be trying to save money (and the environment) by turning off lights in rooms not being used. Many businesses encourage employees to turn off bathroom lights, conference room lights and break room lights when they are not in use. For these rooms, you may want to have glow in the dark exit signs, light switch covers and tiles in place. Arnev manufactures a few different products to make your building a safe place even when the lights are out. Our glow in the dark products glow three times brighter than those of our competitors. Our products glow for up to ten hours versus the usual three or four you'll get from other manufactures.

Exit Signs

When the lights go out because of a fire, severe weather or electrical failure, an evacuation may be required. Building codes often require building owners to illuminate the exits and stairwells or hallways of the building.  Without glow in the dark exit signs, clients and employees in the building could have trouble finding their way out. Arnev manufactures glow in the dark exit signs that are building code compliant and UL listed. They are a must have for stairwells, main exits and other dark areas of the building. Combine glow in the dark floor tiles and glow in the dark exit signs, to make sure the occupants of your building find safe, evacuation routes out of the building.  Glow in the dark exit signs can even be used above evacuation windows.

Glow In The Dark Safety Products

Home builders, electricians, and home decorators buy glow in the dark safety products from Arnev Products, Inc. Our products are manufactured to be durable without compromising on style. Glow in the dark light switch and outlet cover plates are universal and have many uses throughout homes, churches, schools and office buildings. We also offer a line of decorative glow in the dark tiles. These products can help keep your home or commercial building safe without compromising style Shop our collection of glow in the dark products to discover their many uses. Select from a variety of designs and themes to fit the needs of your decorating or remodeling project.
We are the leading manufacturer and distributor of designer switch plates in the United States. For more than 20 years our company has designed and sold light switch and outlet cover plates. Recently, we have made glow in the dark safety productspart of our product line. We take pride on manufacturing our products from American made raw materials. Using stainless steel and corrosion resistant metals, we guarantee our covers to be durable and long-lasting for years of use. Stainless steel is a corrosion resisting metals offer many benefits to electrical wiring and home decorating projects. Our glow in the dark switch plates are available in a variety of configurations. Home decorators and electricians can purchase switch plates for use in bathrooms, garages, pantries and other rooms of the house where finding the light switch is difficult.
Glow in the dark safety products can help protect your home and family. Light switches and power outlets with exposed wiring can cause electric shock and fires. Families with small children or pets should pay extra attention to the type of switch plate covers they choose to install. Glow in the dark switch plates make it easier to find the light switch in dark rooms. We manufacture our switch plates from safe, durable materials with non-current conducting backing to protect you and your family. Materials used to make our covers will not become brittle or crack under constant use. Having switchplate covers ensures that no electrical wiring is left for children, pets and other family members to accidentally touch and become electrocuted. Glow in the dark switch plates make it easier to find the light switch before anyone gets hurt.
Glow in the dark safety products practical for many reasons. Glow in the dark tiles make patios, pool decks, kitchen floors and other rooms safe at night. The glow of the tiles makes it easy to find your way around dark, or dim lit areas. The materials used to manufacture our line of products are corrosion resistant. Metals, glasses and plastics will not corrode, rust, fog over or haze because of build up. Our glow in the dark safety products are long-lasting, durable and perfect for any room of the house or office.

Glow in the dark tiles

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"Glow in the dark tiles for the interior and exterior.
They will Glow for up to 10 hours.

If you've ever experienced the frustrating process of walking through a house in the dark, then glow in the dark tiles from Arnev Products, Inc. are just the thing for you! Walking through a house, even your own, in the dark can be a tedious and even dangerous task. Perhaps even more tedious is the process to finding a solution for this problem; feeling along the wall for a light switch or switch plate can be quite disconcerting, and going through the hassle of buying a nightlight and remembering to turn it on and off night and day is a lot of trouble to fix such a simple problem. Even after all that, a night light is just another way to hike up your energy bill. Don't worry--there's another solution! Arnev Products' glow in the dark tiles can fix the problems of fumbling in the dark and saving energy all at once.

Maybe these problems don't really affect you, but your kids need a little encouragement and light when they have to run to the bathroom in the middle of the night by themselves. With these glow in the dark tiles, you and your kids can both rest easier knowing that they have a guiding light.

While the bathroom is a great location for these tiles, they can go in many other convenient places to make life just a little bit easier for everyone. One very important place to think about is the kitchen--when someone wants to grab a little midnight snack or a drink of water late at night, glow in the dark tiles could really illuminate his or her situation. Forget about using the light of the fridge to make a sandwich or hoping you can complete your midnight rendezvous without the aid of your sight! All you need is the comforting light of the glow to be able to see and know what you're doing. In addition to the kitchen, your pool could use a little light when it's getting late and a swim sounds really nice. The possibilities for where you want these tiles are as limitless as you want them to be!

Now, these tiles aren't solely for night-time use, only to be exposed as eye-sores when the sun is out. They can be used to make your bathroom, kitchen, pool, etc. look better than ever without even taking the glow into account! Because they come in a virtually endless variety of colors and designs, including the option to make your own tile design, these glow in the dark tiles don't have to glow to make your house look better than it ever has.

Along with the option to customize color and design for day-time use, you have the option of choosing among a few different glow colors. Other options include size and abrasion and chemical resistance customization for additional personalization and durability. If your house could use some illumination, glow in the dark tiles from Arnev Products, Inc. are for you!

Pool Tiles
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"Glow in the Dark" Pool Tiles and Stone Pavers

Pool tiles and pavers from Arnev Products, Inc. could be just what your pool needs to make you feel at home. Sometimes you have something that's yours, but you need to truly make it your own. Sometimes it needs a little of you added in. Maybe all you need to make your pool your own is to throw a dash of creativity and personalization into the mix. With this versatile and customizable product, one has the chance to add his or her own flair to their pool while at the same time creating a more durable environment to enjoy for a long time to come.

Vinyl pool liners are often used to add durability and beauty to a pool, but the attempt to imitate pool tiles does not do the real thing justice. Liners can be good for added durability, but they're often thin and easily damaged—especially if your pool is often full of rowdy, rough-housing swimmers. Pools lined with tile can withstand a lot more wear and tear without losing their appealing look. Speaking of looks, the difference between what pool tiles and pavers can do for your pool's looks and what liners can do is like the difference between a beautiful wall painting and drab, tacky wallpaper.
An already nice pool can be made to look beautiful with a simple band of tile going around the circumference of the pool. But that's just the beginning—that beautiful pool can be transformed further into a work of art by tiling the whole thing. This transformation can be achieved by simply installing pool tiles and pavers of one solid color, but that's not the only option. Arnev Products gives its customers the chance to not only choose between a variety of pre-existing designs, but it also offers the customer the opportunity to create his or her own design. This translates to endless possibilities for beautifying and personalizing your pool, including the possibility to create a completely unique design just for you!
                                                               Stone Pavers and Coping tiles
Shawano Wisconsin "Glow Paver" installation in the winter time.
                                                                           By Day                                                    By Night
Arnev Products offers not only endless customization options as far as design of your custom pool tiles and pavers goes; you have much more options to make your pool your own. You have the option to choose from 12 different custom sizes. You can also choose between a variety of colors, creating even more possibilities to really make a design your own. Abrasion and chemical resistance can also be customized to be the perfect fit for your pool; you have the chance to make these tiles as durable as possible for your specific pool situation. Abrasion resistance is an especially good option for customization because you can make tiles on the floor more durable than the tiles that aren't as likely to receive wear and tear.

The key to deciding what's right for your pool comes down to two things: durability and looks. If you want a beautiful pool that will remain that way, pool tiles and pavers from Arnev Products, Inc. are the obvious choice.....and they Glow for up to 10 hours or more!

Glow in the Dark Light Switch

Having a glow in the dark light switch can save a lot of stubbed toes. Have you ever gotten up in the middle of the night and stubbed a toe? You couldn't get your bearings in the room so your toe found a table or chair? Sometimes it just takes the smallest thing to help prevent accidents. With the glow in the dark light switch you are not so disoriented when you awaken at night. You can figure out where you are by focusing on the glow in the room. They are not as obtrusive as a typical night light might be in your bedroom. These switches let off just enough glow to guide you, but not so much that it bothers your eyes when you are trying to find your way. You can find these switches in stores and on the internet. However, they are usually made of a cheap plastic that looks bad and does not last very long.

Arnev Products Inc. has come up with a unique glow in the dark light switch concept. Each are made of glass with a thin line of glow material added to the front of them. You can leave them as they are to have a very modern look on your wall. They can also be painted to create any design or look you wish to have in your room.

These switches are created to look good and last a very long time. If you decide to sell your house these will definitely end up on your list of things to take to your new home. However, if you choose to be nice and leave them for the next homeowners you can always purchase more without breaking the bank. The prices for the glow in the dark light switch are set at a price that allows you to easily buy new for your new home.

Also a great use for the first time parents. When bringing home a baby from the hospital new parents are often sleep deprived. What a benefit to be able to find the light switch while getting up to feed or change your little one. Maybe you are getting up to get a drink or use the bathroom. Waking the baby because you stumbled trying to find the light switch can cause quite a stir for the whole house. Having a switch that glows in the kitchen and bathroom can help tremendously. Arnev Products Inc. has created a glow in the dark light switchthat will work perfectly in every room of your house.

Glow in the Dark Light Switch Cover

Having a glow in the dark light switch cover can make your life easier. Fumbling around in the dark can be both frustrating and even dangerous. When getting up in the middle of the night you are not necessarily at your most alert. It can help with a multitude of things to have these switches to guide you to the light in the room.

Most falls involving the elderly happen in the home. These chances are increased by a lack of lighting when getting up to use the facilities at night. Leaving a night light on can be irritating when trying to sleep. These covers are perfect for getting your bearing in the room without being so bright that you have trouble sleeping.

The glow in the dark light switch cover will make a perfect gift for the parents who don't think they need anything. This would be a good way to help keep them safe without offending them. When choosing one of these covers you want to give consideration to design as well as price. So many times when you try to find these covers they end up looking cheap when the light is on. Some look good, but don't glow well when the light is off. Finding a glow in the dark light switch cover that is pleasing to look at and has the right amount of glow is easy with the right company. Arnev Products Inc. has covers that meet both of these criteria.

Their covers are made of clear glass that can be painted on the back to match the color of your wall. This way the switch will almost disappear when the light is turned on in the room. There is a small glow stripe on the outside of the switch.
You can match these covers to your glass backsplash in the kitchen or bath as well as your painted walls. The glow in the dark light switch cover can also help when having small children. When a little one needs to get up in the night these covers can help to guide their way. The night is not quite so scary when you have something you can see and not just complete darkness.

Arnev has these covers at such a good price point that you don't have to choose which room would be the best to place to put one. You can choose to have these covers in every room in your house. With the ability to customize them to each room they can be used no matter the style of decor in your home. Having a glow in the dark light switch cover will definitely make moving around your house at night much easier.

Glow in the Dark Light Switch Covers

Glow in the dark light switch covers do everything standard covers do and more. Standard covers are used to keep you from getting electrocuted and dust from gaining access to your switch. They also improve the looks of your walls.

Let's face it; an exposed switch can make an otherwise beautiful room look in disrepair. So from both a decor and safety perspective these covers are an important part of your home. Glow in the dark light switch covers accomplish these things and add a much needed element to your home. They create a safer environment for you and your family at night. Of course it can save the frustration of trying to find the light when you need to get out of bed for something. However safety can be a much more important consideration. You might think that these covers are not bright enough to make a difference. They don't need to light the room. What they do is allow you to locate the light switch which in turn allows you to get your bearings and avoid obstacles in your path. This can save many accidents from happening right in your home.

The glow in the dark light switch covers can be painted to fit any room in your house. You paint the back side so the glow still works on the front side. You can also use stencils to paint flowers and such on these covers if you are feeling artistic. Are you into stripes? You can do as little or as much depending on your personal style. When the lights are on in the room you will have this beautiful cover that will help to guide your way when the lights are off.
No more do you have to make a choice as to whether you would like a functional light cover or a pretty one. Arnev Products Inc. has created glow in the dark light switch covers that allow you to have both in your home.

Sometimes we struggle with getting gifts for people who we feel already have everything. These will make perfect gifts for those people. Whether you buy one for an acquaintance or several for that family member that is hard to buy for they will love them. Not only will they feel that you have thought of them and their safety, they will enjoy decorating them for their unique style. Whether you are consideringglow in the dark light switch covers for yourself or as a gift for someone else you have to check out the covers at Arnev.

Glow in the Dark Light Switch Plate

A glow in the dark light switch plate can be useful in many areas of your home. Are you tired of fumbling around with the light switch in that dark coat closet? Your guests are ready to go home so let's make life a little easier and quicker for you and them. Install one of these plates and then as soon as you open the closet your hand goes immediately to the light. Maybe you have a family member that needs to stay with you for a while and you want to help with their level of comfort. Put a glow in the dark light switch plate in the guest room and guest bath and this makes it nicer for them to get around. They will definitely feel more at home. They will also see how much you care by your thoughtfulness.

You have the option of painting the plate the same color as the wall or jazz up your guest room by painting the back with a funky design. Another cool idea for the glow in the dark light switch plate is in a kid's room that has glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. It is like completing a theme in their room while keeping safety at the forefront of everything. The plate is just another cool thing in your child's mind, but you can see it as so much more than that. When you change the theme in the room you only have to paint the back of the plate a different motif to fit the new decor. Again your child is in awe but you know the real benefits of the plate. This is the reason behind Arnev Products, Inc. is creating this unique glow in the dark light switch plate. It is made of glass to easily fit into any room and makes everyday life easier and safer for your family.

Using these plates in a dark basement is also a great way to make your life a little easier. Basements can be so dark and dreary. Try getting the husband to find Christmas ornaments. Nobody wants to go down to look for the Christmas decorations. The process is made much more difficult by the fact that it is almost impossible to find the light in this dungeon of a room. Once you can easily find the switch to turn on the light the act of finding anything else down there becomes so much easier. One thing is for certain whether you have a basement or not a glow in the dark light switch plate will make your life a little better.

Glow in the Dark Light Switches

Glow in the dark light switches are a wonderful addition to any home. Are you tired of getting up at night and not being able to figure out where you are in the room? You have no point of reference to help to guide your way. Then the inevitable happens. You run into a table or chair and bang up your knee or shin. This can be painful for you and annoying for anyone else in the room. When you yell out they can't help but wake and they are not happy. This is where these glow in the dark light switches come into the picture. They give you a point to focus on and allow you to avoid furniture mishaps. This can make for a happier spouse and less pain for you.

Maybe you have unlocked the front door with your arms full. You thought if I can just get the light on I can put the stuff down and not drop anything. Suddenly you become all thumbs while fumbling for the light switch and this usually ends up with everything dropping on the floor. Having one of these glow in the dark light switches will allow you to find the light in short order making for less frustration for you and less mess on your floor to clean up.
Arnev Products Inc. has created unique covers that can be decorated with paint to either blend into your walls or stand out as an art piece. Whether you choose to be creative or to hide your glow in the dark light switches the one thing you can count on is this. They will look beautiful in the daytime and help you find your way when you turn the lights out after dark. The other great thing about these switches is the cost they can save you. With other lights that are left on because you have trouble finding the switch there is an electric cost that comes into play. These switches use no electricity. They automatically charge when the lights are on in the room. There are no batteries that will ever need replacing. As long as the sun continues to shine or the lights continue to come on in your home you will have switches that glow in the night.

Putting these switches in your house will help your family to feel more secure at night and will show that you care about their safety. Glow in the dark light switches are a practical asset to your home that will also look beautiful.

Glow in the Dark Switch Plate

A glow in the dark switch plate is a great addition to your child's room. It can give your small child a sense of comfort to be able to locate their light when they awaken in the night. An older child that might get sick in the middle of the night will need to locate the light as quickly as possible. It can mean a big cleanup if they don't get to the bathroom in time. You might also have an older child that is still uncomfortable in the dark. These plates can add some comfort without making the child feel like they still need a night light.

The key is to get a switch plate that glows enough to see the light, but isn't bright enough to bother you when you go to bed. Arnev Products has created a glow in the dark switch plate that accomplishes both. No matter your age it is nice to be able to find the light switch in the room when you need to. With other switch plates that glow you will find they are made of a cheap plastic that is an ugly color because the whole plate is made to glow. Arnev Products Inc. has worked hard to create the perfect glow to plate ratio. They have added a thin line of glow to a clear glass plate. This plate can be customized to any wall in your home. Therefore it has the effect of being both pretty and functional when needed. This is proof that you don't have to spend a fortune to get nice plates for your walls.

This particular glow in the dark switch plate is both attractive and reasonably priced. This gives you the option of using these plates in the bedrooms of your home or putting them on all of your switches. Many people will leave a light on in their home for guests that may be staying with them. This allows the guest to get up in the middle of the night if needed and find the light switch. This can be annoyingly bright and bother some people. It can also be costly if your guests are staying for a while. Why not instead use a glow in the dark switch plate to help them find the light? It is better on your electric bill and still enables your guest to find their way when they need it. This may be an option that you have not even thought of. One thing is certain. Once you have decided to add a glow in the dark switch plate to one or more rooms the company to buy from is Arnev.

Glow in the Dark Switch Plate Covers

A really cool way to be able to find your light switch when you get up at night is to use glow in the dark switch plate covers. You don't want a nightlight that can interfere with your rest at night. All that is really needed is something very subtle that is also nice to look at in the daytime. Plastic glow plates are out of the question. They do not stand the test of time and they also can look cheesy.

Arnev Products Inc. has created glow in the dark switch plate covers that will stand the test of time, because they are made of glass. Only a small amount of the plate glows. They glow enough that you can find the switch at night, but not so much that the cover looks cheap in the light.
Being made of clear glass encourages you to be creative with paint or decals on the inside of them. Maybe you just want to match your walls. This is an easy thing that can be accomplished by painting the inside of the plate the same color as your walls.

Are mom and dad getting on in age? Are you trying to find ways to make their home a safer place for them to live? Maybe you are working within a tight budget. One big worry you may have for your parents is them getting up at night and falling. These glow in the dark switch plate covers help them by giving them something they can see in the room. They can get to the light switch without being so disoriented.

The price on these covers makes it possible to have them in every room in the house. There is no cost to use them, because they recharge on their own when the lights are turned on in the room. Another great thing to do with these covers would be to give them as gifts. You can create masterpieces to give, because these glow in the dark switch plate covers are glass. Do you have a special friend that you feel you want to do something really special for? Buy one or more of these covers and transform them into art for their walls. You can use a variety of things to accomplish your goal. You can use paint, decals, glitter, etc. they will be as beautiful as your imagination can make them. These are gifts that your friends will treasure for always. No matter how you choose to use them these glow in the dark switch plate covers are a truly great idea.

Glow in the Dark Switch Plates

Putting glow in the dark switch plates in your home is a very good idea. When you are entering a room that is otherwise completely dark it can be difficult to find the light switch. This can be even harder if the light switch is across the room on the opposite wall. Maybe you have furniture in your way when walking across to the switch. If you don't know where you are in the room the difficulty becomes somewhat dangerous at that point.
Arnev Products Inc. has created a solution to this problem. They have developed glow in the dark switch plates that creates a focal point in the room even in the dark. Therefore once you know where you are in the room it becomes easier to avoid any obstacles in your way. Your toes and shins will be thankful that you installed them.

Glow in the dark switch plates can also benefit you when installed in places like the attic. An attic can be filled with all kinds of scary things. You may have spiders or heaven forbid maybe bigger creepy crawlies. Have you ever gone into the attic and couldn't find the light switch so just continued with what you were doing up there? You continued only to encounter one or two spiders along the way. This trip to the attic could have been so much better if only you could have found the switch on the wall. Putting one of these switch plates in the attic could have led to more efficiency and less fear. With one of these glow in the dark switch plates you might even be able to talk one of the kids into doing what needs to be done in the attic.

These switch plates are as easy to install as plastic plates. The big difference is they don't break easily when you screw the screws tight. They are made of a strong glass. This glass can de decorated to fit into any style of décor in your home, because it starts out clear. So they are perfect whether you are leaving them as is for rooms such as your attic that only you see or if you customize them for rooms everyone sees. A lot of thought went into coming up with the perfect design for all of the rooms in your house. Perfect is the best word to use because they not only fit in anywhere, but they really do make life easier. Durability, ease, safety and design are just a few words that come to mind when thinking of these glow in the dark switch plates.