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#1. Floor Boxes and Covers for Wood Floors (Pull the page down)

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SKU Product name   Price  
AP-SWB-42P-brass AP-SWB-4 for two duplex in brass/aluminum for wood floors
  • $152.72
AP-SWB-2 AP-SWB2 Floor Box for Duplex in Brass or Aluminum.
  • $83.10
AP-SWB-1-BP AP-SWB-1-BP Floor Box Single receptacle-Plated Brass
  • $83.10
AP-SWB-1-NP AP-SWB-1-NP Floor Box Single receptacle-nickel plated
  • $83.10
AP-SWB-2-LR-A AP-SWB-2-LR-A Floor Box for Duplex with flip lids-Brass &Alum.
  • $125.47
AP-SWB-2-NS AP-SWB-2-NS Floor Box for Duplex in Nickel Silver.
  • $120.88
API-SWB-2-T AP-SWB-2-T Floor Box Brass & Alum. Tel-CAT5-Cable TV
  • $79.03
AP-SWB2-T-NS AP-SWB2-T-NS Floor Box for CAT5-TV -Tel-etc. in Nickel Silver
  • $115.00
SWB-2-LR AP-SWB2-LR Floor Box Duplex with flip lids-Brass/Alum.
  • $125.47
AP-SWB-4-LR AP-SWB-4-LR Floor Box for Duplex and data, or Two Duplex. Both with Double flip lids
  • $282.20
AP-SWB-6-LR AP-SWB-6-LR Floor Box, 2-duplex-1 four port data, or 1 duplex-2 four port data, or 3 duplex or 3 four port data. In 6 flip lids or 6 round screw out lids. C overs in Brass or Aluminum.
  • $404.35
AP-RCFB-1 AP-RCFB-1 Floor Box with 1-duplex that hides the plug and only exposes the wire in Brass or Aluminum plated covers.
  • $153.24
AP-RCFB-2 AP-RCFB-2 Floor Box in Brass, Aluminum, or Dark Bronze
  • $306.45
AP-5249-FBA AP-5249-FBA Floor Box Single receptacle in Brass
  • $63.88
AP-25249-FBA AP-25249-FBA Floor Solid Brass for Duplex receptacle
  • $91.88
Items: 115 of 60, per page