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Floor Box Covers and Carpet Flanges in Brass, Alum, & PVC.

Floor Box Outlet Covers, PVC Floor receptacle box Covers, and Carpet Flanges for Concrete Floors.  Available in rectangular, and round floor box cover shapes.  Some of these Floor electrical box covers had a round screw-out plug, and some have a large flip lid, while others have a double flip floor box cover lid.  Available in Brass, Aluminum, PVC, and in all our 38 custom finishes.  If you have a carpet situation where you need a floor box receptacle cover, you can choose one of our rectangular carpet flanges to really dress up the electrical floor box cover.  Please check them out, and they are by far the best on the market today for a floor box electrical cover.
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Covers for duplex
Cover for the boxes above
for duplex receptacle
Box Cover for boxes above
for GFI 
AP-6304-DFB-1-TEL For
boxes above-telephone.
Box Covers above-Duplex
AP-6304-S Floor Box Cover
for Com./Data for above also
available in Nickel Silver.
Single Gang Brass Carpet
Flange, 5 1/2'' X 6 1/2''
Two Gang Brass Carpet
Flange, 6 1/2'' X 8 1/2'' 
Three Gang Brass Carpet
Flange, 6 1/2'' X 11 1/2'
 Image #
LEW Electric only Floor Box Plugs in
many sizes 3/4" 1" 1-1/4" 1-1/2" and 2". 
These will onlyfit Lew Electric floor boxes,
so if you need another manufacturer,
we probably can help 800-260-1181.
AP-523-DP Brass or
Aluminum Floor Box
4" cover for boxes above
AP-DFB-LR Floor Box Cover
for Duplex, fits above boxes
AP-DFB-1 Floor Box Cover
for duplex round above
Silver Floor Box Cover, above
Cover for GFCI, above. 
AP-524 Floor Box Cover in Brass,
for single receptacle, above.
Cover for Telephone, boxes
Cover for GFCI with flange
AP-SCF-1 Floor Box Cover
Flange to fit covers above
Cover 5-5/8" round
2"to 1" in Brass, 
Aluminum, Nickel Silver
With two data ports below
AP-TCP-1-3/4 Brass Floor Box
cover 5-5/8 round-2" to 3/4"
With two data ports below
Brass or Aluminum, or
Nickel Silver, 5-5/8"
Cover - Brass or Aluminum
Chip Finishes in
our 38
custom finishes for
our floor
box covers on this
See our finishes
so click here
on the image.

these are samples of
  some of our finishes   
PVC Covers
Cover PVC 
PVC Covers
Cover PVC
PVC Covers
Cover PVC
PVC Covers
Cover PVC
PVC Covers
cover PVC 


in Brass
Decora Recptacle
Com./data in
GFCI in Brass 
Decora recept.-
for PVC round pvc
box in the floor
Universal Leveling
  AP-FB PVC Floor box
box with
AP-LRA Adapter


Items: 115 of 48, per page
Items: 115 of 48, per page