#2. Custom 38 Finishes for round or Rectangular floor box covers. COVERS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE FINISHING CHARGES.

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    These Floor Boxes and Covers are designed for Data Ports in Solid Brass Cover.  Available for Tel, CAT5, F connector, etc. This floor box is for wood or concrete, but only available with a brass cover.  

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  • Finishing Rings (in two sizes) Made in the USA
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    Now available in brass and brushed aluminum finishes.
     No floor box is included with these "Finishing Rings".  If you need a floor box please see section #17 on the left side of every page 
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    Pictured is a sample of how the finished products may look.  THE COVERS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS REFINISHING CHARGE, and most finishes start at $79.88 with the exception of all the special Pewter finishes, which take more effort to complete, and the covers need to be purchased seperately from Arnev Products, Inc. 
    $79.88 is the refinishing charges, which include shipping and handling.  You will need a new floor box cover for the refinishing, and we cannot refinish covers you purchased from another company.  So please choose from our vast array of floor box covers which are available here.  If you are unsure of what you need, please give us a call at 800-260-1181 and we can help.
    All custom finished covers do take up to 4-6 weeks to ship.  No rush refinishing is available, sorry!  But, we can send you the roughed in box to start the installation while the covers are being completed, but you will need to give us a call at 800-260-1181.

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    Custom color finish for our floor box covers in 38 custom finishes.
    Please read our policy for refinishing floor box covers
    Thank you for your interest in refinishing your floor box cover in one of our Arnev Products, Inc. custom finishes.  For the protection of your cover, we ask that you follow these instructions.
    1.  Floor box covers generally come lacquer coated. To refinish the floor box covers, the lacquer must be removed, and this is done by our soaking the covers in a strong chemical.  Any non-metallic parts that may be attached to the cover, including gaskets or electrical devices, receptacles, low voltage housings, etc., will be dissolved with the lacquer as well. This is why we insist that only metalic floor box covers be used for refinishing and no platstic covers are accepted.  If the cover cannot be removed from the floor box, or an electrical receptacle, we are unable to soak off the lacquer, and cannot refinish the cover.  We are NOT responsible for the box itself, gaskets or devices. 
    2.  If you have purchased floor boxes from Arnev, please package any exterior screws (screws that will be visible after the box is installed) with the cover so these can be finished to match the box.  Make sure they are secure so they don't get lost or scratch the cover in transit.
    3.  Custom colors are run in batches.  Consequently, the finishing time can vary depending upon the schedule for the batch of the custom color you have chosen.  However, as we need only the cover, the floor box itself can be installed by your electrician to maintain your building or remodeling schedule.
    4.  You have been advised by one of our customer service representatives that the custom finishes are approved for LOW TRAFFIC AREAS ONLY.  Should you decided to install the floor boxes with our finished in HIGH TRAFFIC AREAS, any finishing 1 year limited warranty is void.  In addition, if you should decide to apply any protective finish (lacquer, polyurethane, etc.) OVER our custom finish, the finishing 1 year limited warranty is void.
    5.  If you approve the enclosed sample and agree to the instructions above, please sign and return the top portion of this page.  You may keep the bottom portion for your records.
    If you follow these instructions, we are confident that you will love your custom floor box covers, and will enjoy them for years to come.
    I approve of sample number ______________________________ and agree to these instructions.
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