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AV Floor Boxes and Connectors for Wood and Concrete Floors

If you need an AV floor box that contains power with a separated port, along with Telephone, CAT5-6, HDMI, Cable TV, USB, XLR, or other low voltage devices for wood floors, or concrete floors, you have come to the right place.  Arnev Products has Floor Boxes, AV Boxes, and AV Receptacles in many sizes and shapes, with over 100 snap in devices for all your needs.  If you need a round floor receptacle for an XLR microphone jacks in one box, we also have that.  If you need up to 24 low voltage Audio Video devices in one large AV box, we have them. You can customize almost any of these AV Receptacle Boxes to hold whatever devices you need.  If you need a Table Top Box to plug everyone in at one time at a business conference table, we have that too. The price is right, with shipping in 24-48 hours or less. Take a look at what we have to offer below.


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SKU Product name   Price  
Mini stage pocket Mini Stage Pocket Audio Video floor box
  • 16% less
  • $187.88
Half Pocket AV Floor box Half Pocket Audio Video floor box. 1 duplex, 6 low voltage
  • $261.88
Full Pocket AV Floor Box Full Pocket AV Floor Box, 1 duplex, 6 low voltage devices.
  • $293.88
Double Wide Pocket AV Floor Box Double Wide Pocket AV Floor box, 4 duplex, 24 low voltage
  • $588.88
Super Pocket AV Floor Box Super Pocket AV Floor Box, 2 duplex, 24 low voltage.
  • $491.88
Super Double Pocket AV Floor Box Super Double Pocket AV Floor Box, 8 duplex, 48 low voltage
  • $796.88
Table Top AV Box #145SLBK AV Table Top Box, 12 optional low voltage in one small box
  • $396.88
146SLBK Table Top Box Pull Through Table Top AV Floor Box, Black Finish
  • $288.88
AP-RF9C For Raised wooden floors AV Floor Box, dual service for raised WOODEN FLOORS
  • $238.88
AP-CF9C Floor Box Dual service floor box, use with conduit, new concrete pour
  • $262.50
AP-RF10C Floor box for wood Large capacity Floor Box, 8 ports, for raised Wood Floors
  • $312.88
AP-CF10C floor box for concrete 8 Port Floor Box for Concrete, 4 Power, AV, or Low Voltage
  • $411.20
AP-812-DFB-LR-W/2XLR XLR Floor Box for 2 Mic Jacks and flush mount floor box
  • 20% less
  • $231.88