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Floor Boxes for Wood & Concrete plus Custom finishes and Round Finishing Rings

Arnev Products, Inc. offers a wide range of floor boxes for wood floors as well as floor box covers and boxes for concrete, and in many styles.  Some of the round styles are flush-mount floor outlets.  We have pop-up outlets with low voltage for telephone, cable TV, HDMI, and other devices available.  We have rectangular covers with screw-out plugs, as well as flip floor outlet styles.  Most of the floor outlet boxes are available in brass and aluminum, and some in our new bronze finish, and we can custom finish almost all the covers in our 38 custom finishes, so there is a wide array of choices and configurations for you to choose from.   We have the mistake of finishing rings to cover up a bad cut in a wood floor for your floor boxes.  Tombstone or Nozzle style floor boxes are also available in many different styles in brushed aluminum.  You will find the right floor box or cover you need at Arnev Products, Inc. 800-260-1181

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We offer both round and rectangular floor boxes that are available in many different sizes, styles and over 35 custom finishes Select from metallic or non-metallic boxes, along with floor boxes with flip lids, single or duplex lids. Our adjustable and semi-adjustable gang boxes allow you to configure your compartments for your specific needs. We even have floor boxes that pop up when in use and lay flat with the floor when not in use and are designed specifically for wooden or concrete floors. Our flanges and rings help to hide any over-cutting of the hole.

We offer a thirty-day, money-back guarantee on all of our Floor Boxes.

Our top-of-the-line custom audio floor boxes can be configured for easy access to audio and video sources, telephone and data, electrical power, microphone connectors and CAT5 cable for home theaters and businesses. Because of the highly customized nature of these products we can’t offer you specific pricing until we know exactly what you need. We offer 24-hour quotes and, in most cases, can ship the same day you order.