Sometimes people try to do home renovations and want to have a very specific look for their home, and often that look is done by having these custom fixtures.
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Floor Outlet Box Article 1, From Arnev Products, Inc.

There are so many reasons to purchase a floor outlet box for your home or as it is being built. Many times people do home renovations and want to have a very specific look for their home, and often that look is done by having custom fixtures or unique ones; such as faucets and wall outlets. When everyone has the same type of wall outlet, having a unique one can be just the thing that sets your home apart and reveals the finer details regarding your style or home's theme; however, not every room layout can account for electrical plugs and outlets.


Sometimes you will need a floor outlet box to go in a room if you plan on having electrical devices plugged in but do not want to ruin the theme of your house or room by running cords everywhere; let alone hideously bright orange extension cords to the nearest wall outlet. Arnev Products produces a variety of types of floor outlets that can be further customized with cover plates to fit almost any kind of room theme or design. Even if you do not have a plate to match the colors and contours of the room, many of the floor boxes come with hinged covers that let you hide the unsightly outlets.


A floor outlet box can be installed in either concrete or wood, depending on both the type of installation and the type of box purchased. Regardless of the construction means of your home, additional room, or outside patio boxes for a concrete deck, you can find the proper type of dropbox to be able to illuminate your architecture and interior design without fail. Additionally, Arnev Products is always designing and putting out new styles of plate covers to fit any kind of common theme or decoration.


Arnev Products makes a variety of floor outlet boxes to fit any need, even outside ones. Just like the interior boxes can have anywhere from a single plug to up to six, there are many options with heavier-duty covers that can be used outside in any kind of patio or deck. Often made from PVC, these covers provide a perfect way of protecting the outlet from the elements and from any kind of accidental mishap that might occur - letting you keep your electrical wiring safe and sound no matter the location.


Founded in the late nineteen eighties, Arnev Products is located in Wisconsin and has been producing electrical switch plates for all that time; leading to them having a corner of both the service of plates for outlets as well as expertise in the installation and manufacture of the same type of product. No matter what, there is a floor outlet box for you.


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