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Custom Finished Covers for Round or Rectangular floor box covers

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    These floor box cover Goof Rings are for bad cuts in the floor for floor box covers. Available in three sizes on the inside dimensions, one is 4 inches I.D. and the other is 4.5 inches I.D, and both are 7.5" O.D, and our new Nickel Silver finish is 5" I.D by 7.5" O.D, and will fit almost all the round floor box receptacle covers on the market today.  These floor box "Goof Rings" are also available in two standard finishes, brass or brushed aluminum, our new Nickel Silver finish, or you can choose one of our 38 custom finishes.  So, if you have this type of floor box receptacle problem, Arnev Products has the solution, so click on the image below to take you to see the ordering page. 

    No floor box covers are included with these "Floor Box Goof Rings".  If you need a floor box or cover, please CLICK HERE  PULL THIS PAGE DOWN TO START ORDERING, and choose the size below. 

    Nickel Silver Finish Now Available in 5" Center Opening.

    Click Here for What size to order.  See Below, so pull this page way down; to see the installation instructions.

    To order custom finishes, click Here

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    You will need to order a cover along with the custom finishes. We offer this as a courtesy to our customers only when they purchase one of our round or rectangular electrical floor boxes. These custom finishes are not intended for high-traffic areas, and usually, a floor box cover is installed under a table or near a chair, or a wall.  When you purchase our floor box and choose a special color for the cover finishing, we send the customer the box to get the installation started, and then in about 7-10 days, the finishing house will send the customer the finished floor electrical box cover to finish the job.  These custom finishes are only offered by Arnev Products, Inc., and for our floor receptacle box customers only, sorry.  We will not custom finish an old or used cover purchased from another company.

    You cannot just order custom finishes, as they need a cover to be ordered at the same time.  So you need to order which floor box cover you want to use.

    Wood floor, Click here

    Concrete Floors, Click here

    See more for wood floor covers here

    this is a special courtesy for our customers only.   
    All custom-finished floor box covers are intended for metal covers, and not plastic, sorry!  The refinishing can take up to 2 weeks to ship to you.
    To order sample chips CLICK HERE
    Floor box sample finish color chart
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  • Custom Finish Sample Chips in 38 Colors
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    When you order a sample of chips for your new floor box cover, we will send them for your approval.  Once you have authorized that the custom color finishes as satisfactory for your electrical floor box cover, then we can proceed.  Our 38 custom-finished floor box covers are non-refundable and are yours to keep, so make sure this is the finish you want.  If there is a problem with the finish, we will have the floor receptacle cover re-finished at no charge. These are available in each finish at $3.00 ea., which includes postage.
    To go to the ordering page for the custom finishes CLICK HERE.
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