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Corinthia Custom Design Single Switchplate shown in # 3 Bronze with a Gold Wash
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Corinthia Design - USA Made

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Our Corinthia Design Wall Plates Switch Plates are all manufactured right here in America.  These electrical switch plates are manufactured out of heavy cold roll steel and are available in 38 custom finishes and all the electrical configurations you will ever need for the whole house.  These are made of a heavy .042 gauge metal, very sturdy. These Switch Plate covers are available in cabinet hardware corner designs or with no corner designs.  Either way, these wall plates are beautiful.

Also, Sample Chips are available here, so check them out.

Prices Starting at:

  • $59.87
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    A.Single Switch $59.87  
    B.Outlet Cover 2 oval shaped holes $59.87  
    C.Single Groundfault/Rocker $59.87  
    D.Double Switch $69.87  
    E.Combo Switch $69.87  
    F.Groundfault/Single Switch $69.87  
    G.Double Outlet Cover (4 rounded shaped holes) $69.87  
    H.Double Groundfault/Rocker $69.87  
    I.Groundfault/Double Toggle $69.87  
    J.Triple Switch $69.87  
    K.Double Switch/Outlet Cover $79.87  
    L.Triple Groundfault/Rocker $79.87  
    M.Groundfault/Double Switch $79.87  
    N.Double Groundfault/Single Switch $79.87  
    O.Double Outlet Cover/Single Switch 4 oval shaped holes $79.87  
    P.Triple Outlet Cover 3 oval shaped holes $79.87  
    Q.Quad Switch $89.87  
    R.Quad Groundfault/Rocker $89.87  
    S.Outlet Cover/Triple Switch $89.87  
    T.Groundfault/Triple Switch $89.87  
    U.Outlet Cover/Quad Switch $99.87  
    V.Double Outlet Cover/Triple Switch $99.87  
    W.Groundfault/Quad Switch $99.87  
    X.Double Groundfault/Triple Switch $99.87  
    Y.Five Switch $99.87  
    Z.Five Groundfault/Rocker $99.87  
    AA.Outlet Cover/Five Switch $109.87  
    BB.Groundfault/Five Switch $109.87  
    CC.Six Switch $109.87  
    DD.Six Groundfault/Rocker $109.87  
    EE.Seven Switch $119.87  
    FF.Seven Groundfault/Rocker $119.87  
    GG.Eight Groundfault/Rocker $129.87  
    HH.Eight Switch $129.87  
    YY.1-Blank $59.87  
    ZZ.2-Blank $69.87  
    AAA.3-Blank $79.87  

  • SKU
    Corinthia Design #5002
Click here to view all the finishes
 38 custom switch plate cover finishes

All items on this page are custom-made to order just for you.  Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.
These custom finishes undergo a multi-step process, which can take up to 3 weeks to complete.
Sorry, no expedited services are available with these custom-made products.
Includes matching screws. All our switchplates are mid-sized and a bit larger than the standard size.  With the corner designs they can be an additional 1/4 inch larger, so please click the link for switchplate sizes to make sure they will fit  Switchplate Sizes as there is a restocking fee on these custom-finished switchplates.
The sizes listed in our Customer Care FAQ show the switchplate dimensions without the corner designs, so they may be a bit larger.
One gang switch plates
(Singles-A, Single Outlets-B, Single Groundfaults-F)
 3 " wide by 5 " high
Two gang switch plates
(Doubles-C, Combo's-D, Double Groundfaults-K, etc.)
 4 7/8" wide by 5 " high
Three gang switch plates
(Triples-E, Triple Groundfaults-J, Groundfault/Double Switch-Q, etc.)
 6 11/16" wide by 5 " high
Four gang switch plates
(Quad Switches-L, Outlet Cover/Triple Switch-O, etc.)
 8 1/2" wide by 5 " high
Five gang switch plates
(5-Switch-5S, 5-Groundfault/Rocker-5 GF/R)
 10 5/16" wide by 5 " high
Six gang switch plates
(6-Switch-6S, 6-Groundfault/Rocker-6 GF/R)
 12 1/16" wide by 5 " high
Seven gang switch plates
(7-Switch-7S, 7-Groundfault/Rocker-7 GF/R)
 13 7/8" wide by 5 " high
Eight gang switch plates
(8-Switch-8S, 8-Groundfault/Rocker-8 GF/R)
 15 3/4" wide by 5 " high

Our Return Policy
Please Note:  There is a 30% restocking fee on all custom finishes, so if you have any questions about these finishes, as every computer screen is a bit different in color resolution, you can purchase a color sample for $3.00 which includes shipping, and we will refund the sample purchase if you place an order and return the samples for these custom finished switch plates. You can give us a call at 800-260-1181 if you have any questions.
For Telphone Jacks, Cable TV Jacks, CAT5
along with Switchplates 

 switch plate low voltage devices
  • Step 1: NEW FEATURE! Choose all the quantities of the configurations in one step, then click the Add to Cart button, it's as easy as 1-2-3!
    A.Single Switch, B.Outlet Cover 2 oval shaped holes, C.Single Groundfault/Rocker, D.Double Switch, E.Combo Switch, F.Groundfault/Single Switch, G.Double Outlet Cover (4 rounded shaped holes), H.Double Groundfault/Rocker, I.Groundfault/Double Toggle, J.Triple Switch, K.Double Switch/Outlet Cover, L.Triple Groundfault/Rocker, M.Groundfault/Double Switch, N.Double Groundfault/Single Switch, O.Double Outlet Cover/Single Switch 4 oval shaped holes, P.Triple Outlet Cover 3 oval shaped holes, Q.Quad Switch, R.Quad Groundfault/Rocker, S.Outlet Cover/Triple Switch, T.Groundfault/Triple Switch, U.Outlet Cover/Quad Switch, V.Double Outlet Cover/Triple Switch, W.Groundfault/Quad Switch, X.Double Groundfault/Triple Switch, Y.Five Switch, Z.Five Groundfault/Rocker, AA.Outlet Cover/Five Switch, BB.Groundfault/Five Switch, CC.Six Switch, DD.Six Groundfault/Rocker, EE.Seven Switch, FF.Seven Groundfault/Rocker, GG.Eight Groundfault/Rocker, HH.Eight Switch, YY.1-Blank, ZZ.2-Blank, AAA.3-Blank
  • STEP 2: Choose the color finish by clicking on the colors below to see all the choices to order:
    Choose a Finish:, #1 Pewter Matte, #2 Bronze, #3 Bronze with Gold Wash, #5 Gold, #7 Black, #8 Pewter Bright, #10 Verdigris, #12 Copper Bright, #13 Copper Bronze, #15 Satin Pearl, #16 Antique Copper, #17 Weathered White, #20 Satin Pewter, #21 Antique Gold, #23 Brushed Natural Pewter, #130 Pewter with Terra-Cotta Wash, #132 Pewter with Bronze Wash, #133 Pewter with Copper Wash, #134 Pewter with Verdi Wash, #135 Pewter with White Wash, #137 Pewter with Cherry Wash, #138 Pewter with Maple Wash, #231 Bronze with Black Wash, #233 Bronze with Copper Wash, #234 Bronze with Verdi Wash, #730 Black with Terra-Cotta Wash, #732 Black with Bronze Wash, #733 Black with Copper Wash, #734 black with Verdi Wash, #736 Black with Chocolate Wash, #737 Black with Cherry Wash, #738 Black with Maple Wash, #739 Black with Steel Wash, #931 Rust with Black Wash, #933 Rust with Copper Wash, #934 Rust with Verdi Wash
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of this custom finished product.
    Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of this custom finished product.
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