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Echo Cabinet Hardware Design

These Cabinet Hardware Designs are available in cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls, cabinet handles, towel rings, tissue holders and more in any one of our 38 custom finishes below, so click on the color samples picture below, and allow at least 2 weeks for these custom finished products to be manufactured. Made in the USA.
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SKU Product name   Price  
SKU862 #AP1208 Echo 4 Inch Pull
  • $25.80
SKU863 #AP1206 Echo 3 Inch Pull
  • $22.20
SKU864 #AP1205 Echo Back Plate
  • $7.00
SKU865 #AP1200 with #1205 Echo Small Knob with Backplate
  • $8.05
SKU866 #AP1200 Echo Knob Small
  • $9.30
SKU867 #AP1202 Echo Knob Large
  • $10.55