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Audio Video Floor Boxes article 1, From Arnev Products, Inc.

A few weeks ago my wife and I were guests at our neighbor's church for a Sunday worship service.  That Sunday they had a Contemporary Christian service with young and old people joining in with their electric guitars, electric keyboards, and even a set of drums in the chancel area of the church. There was a complete sound system with microphones, as well as acoustic instruments like guitars, violins, and even a cello.  There was also someone with a video camera that was hooked to a very large video screen to show up close pictures of the congregation who were sitting way in the back.  It was a beautiful thing to see and hear that Sunday morning.   I was wondering how all those devices were hooked up with no extension cords running along the floor for people to trip on when I saw these floor boxes where everyone was plugged into for power or plugged a microphone into for the audio.  They even had a video camera that was plugged into this one box on the floor, and what a great idea I thought this was.  No extension chords were all over the place for them to kick out, or to trip over, so the next morning I went online to see what I could find for our church, as this was something they could use.

In no time at all on the Internet, we found Audio-video floor boxes by Arnev Products, Inc., and they came in many sizes and with some colors as well as solid brass and stainless steel covers.  When the cover was closed on the box, there was a spot for the chords to come out so the cover did not have to stay open.  What a brilliant idea.  Here are some of the style boxes they had available for purchase.

Audio Video Floor Boxes
Full Pocket

These Audio-video floor boxes can be used for stage areas, concert halls, banquet rooms, or even in your home for surround sound and Internet access in your family room.  They come with many accessories like RCA plugs, CAT5, Telephone jacks, High-Density TV hook-ups, and well as AC power, and microphone connectors of all kinds.  Speaker wires, ¼ inch phone jacks for electric guitar and keyboards, as well as Karaoke audio equipment.  They are also available with solid brass or stainless steel switch plate covers.  These boxes can be mounted with flat or 45-degree angles for the plug adaptors on the inside of the box.  All covers close with space for the chords to stick out even with the top lid closed.  And when they are not in use, the area that opens for the chords to come out is lifted back into a level position so the cover is closed when not in use.  This is to prevent someone from getting their shoe caught in the slot.  These Audio Video Floor Boxes are all UL-approved.  The AC power ports all have separate ports as required by the code.  They are available in standard black as well as a couple of other colors and do the job.  You can find these all at Arnev Products, Inc. 800-260-1181. 

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