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AP-812-DFB-A Floor Box with Aluminum Cover
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AP-812-DFB-A Floor Box with Aluminum Cover

AP-812-DFB-A For Concrete or Wood floors.  Also includes a Duplex Receptacle and a Brushed Aluminum cover.  Flush installation for a concrete floor, but can work in a wood floor with proper underneath support. UL/cUL listed cast iron floor boxes with round, screw plug brass floor box cover. Inside this floor box is a 15A-TR-Duplex receptacle. Has both 1/2″ and 3/4″ threaded conduit openings.

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floor box cut sheet


Installation Instructions
1. For wood floors
a. Using a 4” hole saw, cut the flooring to a depth equal to the thickness of the cast
flange and cover assembly being used on the floor box.
b. Center a 3.5” hole saw in the 4” opening and cut through all remaining layers of flooring.
This will create a lip for the flange of the box to rest on.
c. Remove cover assembly and wiring device from floor box.
d. Dropbox body into the opening and secure using #6 wood screws (not provided) through
the countersunk slots in the cast flange and into the underlying wood.
e. After wiring and installing electrical or communication devices to the floor box and ground
screw (if applicable), replace the cover plate assembly using #8/32 x ½” screws provided.
f. If an uneven cut was made into the flooring, goof rings (TCP-GR1) can be used in conjunction
with the original cover assembly or oversized covers (TCP series) can be used in place of the
original cover assembly.
g. For carpeted areas, use SCF-1 placing on top of floor box (cover assembly removed first),
then inserting the cover assembly into carpet flange. Use 1.25” longer screws provided through
the cover assembly and that will affix to the floor box.
h. For tile applications, order part #812 (box body only) and a TCP style cover. Follow steps a-d
above. After wiring in step e, install mounting plate and gasket, then place TCP style plate
on top of the floor and use #8/32 X ¾” screws provided.
2. For concrete floors
a. Not recommended for new construction as no concrete cap is provided and this is a nonadjustable box.
b. Core out 4 ¼” into concrete as deep as needed to accommodate the height of the box and ability to
affix conduit from underneath.
c. Backfill concrete if necessary to close gaps in the floor.
d. Follow steps c-h above.
For Low voltage devices (CAT5-6, Tel, CTV, etc.) Click Here
This floor box is furnished with a Solid Brass cover & 15A Receptacle, and a Very heavy-duty cast iron box. (Size: 14.5 cu. in. interior).  Flush mount.  Dimensions are 4" top and 3-18" bottom section with 6 conduit openings. Two-3/4" and two 1/2" openings on the sides, two 1/2" openings on the bottom.   Additional covers that work with these boxes are the AP-TCP Series at 5-3/4 inch round in brass and aluminum or our AP-PFC series heavy plastic covers. Also, the AP-812-MKM double hole saw is a convenient method for cutting the wood floor, as it's almost mistake-proof!
Available 4" covers for this box above.  Solid Brass, Aluminum, and some Nickel Silver
Round Floor Box Cover
 4'' Cover (1/8'' Thick) with
(2) 1-1/2'' Screw Plugs for
Duplex. Flush Mount.
Nickel Silver Floor Box Cover
Silver Cover
Floor Box Cover for Concrete
Floors 4'' Cover (1/8'' Thick)
with (2) 1-1/2'' Screw Plugs
for Duplex
Round Floor Box Cover
Cover for Concrete Floors
in Brass and Aluminum Dual
Hinged 4'' Cover
(1/4'' Thick) for Duplex
Flip lid Round Floor Box Cover
in Brass and Aluminum for
Concrete Floors Hinged 4''
Cover (1/4'' Thick) for Duplex
Flip lid Round Floor Box Cover
Box Cover Brass and
Aluminum for Concrete
Floors but for Decora
Flip lid Round Floor Box Cover
Box Cover Floor Box for
Telephone, for Concrete
Floors in Brass and Aluminum
To order custom finishes CLICK HERE!
  Click to view available Finishes
custom floor box cover finishes 
Please read our policy for refinishing floor box covers
Thank you for your interest in refinishing your floor box cover in one of our Arnev Products, Inc. custom finishes.  For the protection of your cover, we ask that you follow these instructions.
1.  We ask that you send the COVERS ONLY.  Floor box covers generally come lacquer coated. To refinish the floor box covers, the lacquer must be removed, and this is done by soaking the covers in a strong chemical.  Any non-metallic parts that may be attached to the cover, including gaskets or electrical devices, receptacles, low voltage housings, etc., will be dissolved with the lacquer as well. This is why we insist that only floor box covers be sent for refinishing.  If the cover or receptacle cannot be removed from the floor box, we are unable to soak off the lacquer, and cannot refinish the cover.  Also, no plastic type covers are accepted. We are NOT responsible for the box itself, gaskets or devices, so please keep all the other parts to the assembly, take off the cover, and send only the cover. 
2.  Please package any exterior screws (screws that will be visible after the box is installed) with the cover so these can be finished to match the box.  Make sure they are secure so they don't get lost or scratch the cover in transit.
3.  Custom colors are run in batches.  Consequently, the finishing time can vary depending upon the schedule for the batch of the custom color you have chosen.  However, as we need only the cover, the floor box itself can be installed by your electrician to maintain your building or remodeling schedule.
4.  You have been advised by one of our customer service representatives that the custom finishes are approved for LOW TRAFFIC AREAS ONLY.  Should you decided to install the floor boxes with our finished in HIGH TRAFFIC AREAS, any finishing 1-year limited warranty is void.  In addition, if you should decide to apply any protective finish (lacquer, polyurethane, etc.) OVER our custom finish, the finishing 1-year limited warranty is void.
5.  If you approve the enclosed sample and agree to the instructions above, please sign and return the top portion of this page.  You may keep the bottom portion for your records.
If you follow these instructions, we are confident that you will love your custom floor box covers, and will enjoy them for years to come.
I approve of sample number______________________________ and agree to these instructions.
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