Mirrored Accessories-Acrylic Mirrored Grills-Dimmer Knobs-Acrylic Mirrored Switch Plates & More

More Acrylic Mirror Switch Plate & Acrylic Mirrored Wall Accessories
They look just like glass mirrors, but the durability of the acrylic allows for flexibility of design. The acrylic accessories co-ordinate beautifully with our glass mirror switch plates and Acrylic custom made 5-gang switch plate cover above.
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Acrylic Mirrored Switch Plates Acrylic Mirrored Switch Plates and Custom Mirrored Acrylic
  • $6.88
Mirrored Acrylic Grills Mirrored Acrylic Grills in 13 sizes
  • $24.90
SKU242 Hide a plate
  • $36.90
SKU243 Single Decora/GF style Hide-a-Plate
  • $39.90
SKU244 Duplex Hide-a-plate
  • $39.90
SKU245 Socketops in Chrome
  • $4.00
mirrored-dimmer-knob Acrylic Mirrored Dimmer Knob
  • $8.50
Mirrored Door Knob Plate Acrylic Mirrored Door Knob Plate
  • $7.50
Acrylic perimeter Gaskets Acrylic perimeter Gaskets
  • $4.00
Acrylic low voltage switchplates Acrylic mirrored low voltage switchplates
  • $16.90