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Glass and Acrylic Switch Plate Covers in Mirrored, Clear Paintable Low Iron Glass, Mirrored Acrylic, Gray Mirrors, and mirrored accessories starting at $9.88

Items: 18 of 8, per page
SKU Product name   Price  
Paintable Beveled Clear Glass Paintable Beveled Clear Low Iron Real Glass Switch Plates
  • 18% less
  • $9.88
Screwgard Paintable Gaskets Screwgard Paintable Gaskets
  • $9.88
Custom Color Templates Custom Color Templates to use with our new Screwgard Gaskets
  • $3.00
Custom Color Templates Samples Sample Template Colors to use with our new Screwgard Gaskets
  • Free
  • 50% less
  • $1.00
Real Mirrored Glass Real Glass Mirrored Switchplates
  • 9% less
  • $10.88
Frosted Switchplates Frosted Real Glass Switchplates
  • 11% less
  • $17.88
Acrylic Mirrored Switch Plates Acrylic Mirrored Switch Plates and Custom Mirrored Acrylic
  • $6.88
Gray Mirrored Switchplates Gray Mirrored Real Glass Switchplates
  • $12.88