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American Made Products article 2, From Arnev Products, Inc.

Copper light switch covers are a popular choice among homeowners. Out of all the different metals, copper is often the warmest. It doesn't seem cold like steel or chrome, and it's not as formal as brass or gold. That makes it a wonderful choice for accents throughout the home, including the switch plates for light switches and power outlets. But many people don't realize how affordable copper light switch covers are, or how best to use them to make your home stand out.

At Arnev Products we offer a line of real metal switch covers. They're made of nickel and sport a brushed copper finish that looks flawless. These are available in our full line of light switches, dimmer switch, and outlet covers as well as blank plates to close up former switches or outlets. We've seen copper light switch covers used in many different situations including homes, restaurants, offices, and retail stores. Wondering how best to make a copper light switch work for you? We find that they go best with certain kinds of styles:

1. With strong colors. If you like a rich, dark color on your walls then copper could be a great accent. Imagine a room with walls just in between a royal and navy blue, with white ceilings and wood trim, that looked. Now imagine that same room with copper switch plates. They add something. The same is true for rich, oxide reds and strong earthy greens.

2. With pale earth tones. Copper is too much for a white wall, but go a shade darker and you have something. Picture a pale earthy tone just a hint lighter than beige, or a touch darker than bone. Copper stands out against it strikingly and helps warm it up. Any very light, almost off-white neutral will go nicely with copper.

3. As part of a broader accent scheme. Copper looks best as an accent. Too much of it can be over-dominating. But too little of it is also possible, and if you like to use copper in decorating, bringing in copper light switch covers is a great way to help set it off. For instance, a copper countertop is a great look, but on its own, it may seem out of place. Add a couple of antique copper pots on the shelf and give the room copper switches, and it's all tied together.

Of course, copper isn't everyone's metal of choice. We also offer brushed steel, brass, and chrome in various shades and finishes that will work with a variety of designs.
Are you considering using Hammered copper light switch covers in your home? What does your chosen color scheme or preferred style like?
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