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Weatherproof power outlets, From Arnev Products, Inc.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Weatherproof power outlets are something you might not think about too often, until that moment when you realize how convenient it would be to have one! Doing yard work with electric tools, entertaining on your back patio, or even when sitting outside to do some work on your computer and the battery starts running out! Whatever the reason, whatever the season, weatherproof outlets are just what you need. No more having to plug into the house and pull the cord out a window or door, no more wishing there was a better way to get your electrical needs met outside. Arnev Products Inc. has the answer to your problem by bringing you this first its kind of market product.

Weatherproof Power Outlets can be installed in brick patio pavers, concrete, tile, and other floorings that are similar. It is not intended for use on a deck or wood floors. It is not only for outside use but can be installed indoors if you need a weatherproof outlet somewhere inside. Just remember, it is weatherproof, but not intended to be submerged underwater. It is fully rated IP66 when in the closed position. The outlet should be connected to a dedicated GFCI circuit breaker and installed by a licensed electrical contractor.

Pick Your Outlet

Arnev Products Inc. offers two different Weatherproof power outlets from which to choose. You may want the box with the convenience of a push-button opening. This outlet offers electrical power with just a push on the lid to open or close. You may instead choose the tamper-proof box with hex key opening. This is a nice safety feature to ensure that curious little hands can't get to the electricity. Both outlets come with stylish stainless steel covers. These stainless steel covers provide increased strength at elevated temperatures, have increased resistance to general corrosion, and improved resistance to pitting from chloride ion solutions.  These are long-lasting, stylish, weatherproof outlets that make your life easier!

We Help you Install your Weatherproof Power Outlet

Once you have your outlet installed by a licensed electrical contractor, you can finish up from there. We offer instructions on how you can set this box in concrete. If you are a motivated, do-it-yourselfer, then our easy-to-follow instructions will help you complete the project. We also offer you a link to our manufacture's test results so you can see for yourself how safe a product it is we are offering.

Whatever your outdoor electrical needs, we have the product that will provide you with safe, stylish, and convenient electrical power. Whether you are building or remodeling, whether you need one or one hundred, this product will do its job. Arnev Products Inc. will have you listening to your favorite tunes, doing yard work, or accessing electricity for any need, conveniently and safely, with our weatherproof power outlets!

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