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Weatherproof Floor Boxes, From Arnev Products, Inc.

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When building a new home or doing home improvements to your existing home, consider the elegance of weatherproof floor boxes. How many times have you decided to redecorate and there is an outlet in the wall, glaringly obvious? You try painting the cover or getting fancy ones, but it is still there, right where you don't want it. No longer will you have unsightly outlets in your walls, but convenient, hidden ones on your floor. No longer will you have to mess with outlet plug protectors that even adults can't remove, as we offer convenient covers that just flip open and closed. Safety, convenience, and elegance all in one.

Weatherproof Floor Boxes Customized to Fit your Style!

Arnev Products Inc. carries outdoor floor boxes in either round or rectangular shapes.  We have specific boxes for wood or concrete floor use, as well as raised wooden floors. We offer metallic or non-metallic boxes. Our covers can be refinished in 38 different finishes to use in your low-traffic areas, an exclusive Arnev Products Inc. service. From bronze to antique gold, we offer something that will fit your style. With our variety of finishing rings and flanges, you will add a finished look to your box, also available in a wide range of colors, styles, and finishes. We offer both flush receptacles, and pop-up receptacles.  Our boxes are not only just for electrical, but our weatherproof floor boxes can house telephone jacks, internet lines, audio and video sources, microphone connectors, and CAT5 cable. From family rooms, and media rooms to businesses, we have a product that will help add a custom look to your home or office, giving you convenient access to everything you may need for your comfort, enjoyment, and functionality.  Do you enjoy relaxing or entertaining on your back patio or deck? Use our outdoor floor box with a stainless cover and push-button or hex key opening.  This is the first of its kind on the market and will bring your tunes, shows, internet, or phone with you as you enjoy your outside time.  

Finish the Look!

Down to the finished detail, Arnev Products Inc. has you "covered". Our covers are available in all our custom colors, various shapes, and sizes. With 38 different finishes to choose from, there is something for everyone. You can get single or duplex covers, flip covers, or screw covers. Whatever your style or décor, Arnev Products Inc. has the look you seek!  

Whatever your receptacle needs, we can help. Floor boxes, leveling rings, finishing rings, flanges, and covers, get that finished, elegant look for your home or office.  Whether you need one or one hundred, go with the product that clears your walls of unsightly receptacles, and use our weatherproof floor boxes to complete your look!

AP-OB-1SP Outdoor Floor Box