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Outdoor boxes, From Arnev Products, Inc.

Any time you are installing electricity either outside or on the floor a waterproof junction box is necessary for safety; and why settle for only safety when Arnev Products Inc. can give you safety and beauty at a very attractive price?

Waterproof Junction Boxes in 9 Sizes

At Arnev Products Inc. we carry AP-unflanged junction boxes in 9 sizes so you can always choose the right size for your job. We also carry non-metallic floor boxes that offer three-way power, data, and communications plus easy double or triple ganging. These allow you to connect not only your electricity but also your phone and computer. This sort of waterproof junction box is appropriate for all floors and is ideal for office spaces or areas which must serve double duty for both production and data management or sales.

A Junction Box Can be Beautiful Too

Sometimes a function is not sufficient, even something as practical as electric boxes and switch covers need to be attractive. We are known for our large variety of beautiful switch plates; but did you know that our switch plates come in acrylic and paintable beveled clear glass for when you need the electronics to be as indistinguishable from the wall as possible? But we make much more than quality switch plate covers and outlet covers. We also carry durable, safe, and very attractive floor boxes. These receptacles are recessed into the floor to provide access to wirings, such as audio/visual, data, telephone, microphone jacks, cable television, and anything else that might be served by sub-floor wiring. Arnev also offers covers for a waterproof junction box too in various neutral tones such as caramel, brown, or slate and beautiful metallic such as brass or stainless. We can refinish a floor box cover in one of 38 custom finishes and we are the only company that does this!

Shop with Confidence

Arnev Products Inc. has been distributing floor boxes, switch plate covers, and outlet covers from our production facility in Illinois since 1989.  You can order our products safely and securely online, or by phone, or by mail, whichever you prefer. We do many custom orders and will be happy to give you a quote. Sometimes you need a waterproof junction box other times you are looking to wire in a home theater or business applications; we have boxes that can be configured to facilitate easy access to audio sources, video sources, telephone landlines, data lines for computer networking, and Internet accessibility, electrical power, microphone connectors, and CAT5 cable.

We Have it All

No matter what you are looking for, if you need to make your electrical boxes and outlets safe, attractive, and affordable, Arnev Products Inc. has what you are looking for, fancy electrical outlets to a waterproof junction box.

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