Things That Glow

Light up the dark with things that glow from Arnev Products, Inc. We offer three different products to make it easier for you to see in the dark. Glow in the dark tiles, light switch covers are coming soon, and exit signs make your office building safe and accessible even when the lights are out, and soon to arrive will be our socketops peel and stick products. There are many reasons why the lights may be out in your office building. Maybe there is a power outage because of a downed power line or a rolling black out. Your business could be trying to save money (and the environment) by turning off lights in rooms not being used. Arnev manufactures a few different products to make your building a safe place even when the lights are out. Our things that glow are three times brighter than those of our competitors. Our products glow for up to ten hours versus the usual three or four you'll get from other manufacturers.

Glowing Tiles
Offices, conference rooms and bathrooms not in use are very dark when the lights aren't on. Glow in the dark tiles are just one of the things that glow manufactured by Arnev to make seeing around the room safer. Glow in the dark tiles work perfectly as back splashes to counter tops, floor tiling and more. Mount glow in the dark tiles to baseboards to light a walkway through the room or hallway. Put them in the bathroom or break room to make it easier to find the light switch. Tiles come in three different vibrant glow colors at night but blend with the decorating theme of your office building during the day. Glowing colors including blue, aqua and green shine vibrantly lighting up the room for at least ten hours. Arnev's things that glow are three times brighter than the products of our competitors.

Glowing Switches

Glowing light switch covers are great in rooms where clients and employees may have trouble locating the light switch. Many businesses install glow in the dark light switches in the bathroom.  These things that glow are also great in supply closets, storage rooms and other rooms where finding the light switch is difficult. Glow in the dark light switch covers are available for small toggle and rocker light switches. Glowing switches in dark rooms help clients and employees find the light switch quickly and reduce the number of accidents that could occur while trying to find the light switch.  Hotel rooms, or any unfamiliar room you wake up in at the middle of the night and can't find the light switch is a good example of where to use our glow products.
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