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600 watt Dimmer Switches in Black, Brown, or Gray

Decorator 600 Watt  Slide Dimmer
with On/Off Push Button in Gray.
Our price: $28.90
Decorator 600 Watt Slide Black
Dimmer with On/Off Push
Our price: $27.90
Brown Decorator 600 Watt  
Slide Dimmer with On/Off
Push Button
Our price: $27.90
Decorator 600 Watt Single Pole
or 3-way Slide Dimmer with
On/Off Push Button in Gray.
Our price: $35.90
Decorator 600 Watt 3-Way
Black Slide Dimmer with
On/Off Push Button
Our price: $34.90
Brown Decorator 600 Watt
3-Way Slide Dimmer
with On/Off Push Button.
Our price: $34.90
Small Toggle 600 Watt Black
Dimmer, With Small Preset
Our price: $24.90
Small 3-Way 600 Watt Black 
Toggle Dimmer, With Small
Preset Lever
Our price: $29.90
Decorator 600 Watt Black
Slide Dimmer with On/Off
Push Button
Our price: $34.90
Brown Push on and off
600 Watt Round knob
single pole Dimmer
Our price: $27.90
Brown 3-Way Push on
and off 600 Watt single
pole Round Knob Dimmer
Our price: $34.90
Brown Small Toggle
600 Watt Dimmer,
With Small Preset Lever
on the side Our price: $25.90
Brown Small 3-Way
600 Watt Toggle Dimmer
With Small Preset Lever.
Our price: $30.90
Black 4 Speed Quiet
Ceiling Fan/Light Control
Our price: $24.90
Brown Fan Speed
Control LED Locator
Light Our price: $24.90
Brown Round
Dimmer Knob Only
Our price: $4.90

For every home, the quality and variety of light is crucial in terms of creating pleasant spaces that are appropriate for a variety of times of day and changes in the amount of daylight. Dimmer switches allow you to customize your lighting quickly and easily, almost without even thinking about it. Light is one of the most basic mood-setting aspects within any room. Typical light switches are designed to simply turn on and off the light. However, with the use of dimmer switches, you have the ability to choose the amount of light that you want at any given moment. Sometimes in the evening you desire lighting that is dim to set a more romantic mood, which can be easily done with the use of a simple adjusting knob. Over the years, the design and function of this type of light switch has changed slightly, because more modern switches have improved on previous designs. However, the concept is still the same, and these versatile light switches are carefully planned and manufactured to bring ease to your lighting experience.

Yes, You Can Save Energy

Energy efficiency is the wave of the future. Most homeowners are interested in finding ways to make their home more energy efficient. By using dimmer switches, you have the ability to save a substantial amount on your energy bills, which can result in almost a ten percent savings. This switch is highly energy efficient, because it allows you to have complete control on the amount of light that is dispersed by your light fixture at any given time. By simply dimming your lights, you can limit the amount of wear and tear on your bulbs and make them last a lot longer. Dimming a fantastic way to simultaneously make your lighting more energy efficient and make the mood within your home more appealing.

How Dim Lighting Works

Dimmer switches allow you to adjust the lighting in your home by simply turning a knob or moving a switch slightly up or down. Some more modern switches even allow you to adjust light remotely from the comfort of anywhere in your home. This allows you to adjust the lighting depending on the natural sunlight in your home or to create a more desired mood. These types of switches are an ideal way to adjust light within bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms in your home. Every room can benefit from dim lighting options.

Longevity of Dim Lighting

Dim lighting is a proven way for you to make your bulbs last longer as long as your lights are dimmed by at least 35 percent. These many benefits are why dimmer switches are, for many rooms, the light switch of choice among homeowners.
About a Dimmer Switch see more:  
Installing a dimmer switch is the easiest way to use light in order to change the mood of a room. A dimmer switch allow you to have a variety of light settings. Many people choose to install a dimmer switch to rooms where lighting can set the mood for different events. You can purchase a dimmer switch for every room in your home at

Arnev Products, Inc. is a well known company that distributes light switch and electrical outlet products. Arnev Products, Inc. has been manufacturing light switch cover plates, outlet cover plates, floor boxes, audio-video floor boxes, light dimmer switch plates, dimmer switches, outlet receptacles, low-voltage devices and much more since 1989. Products are available in a variety of colors and designs. Arnev offers their light switches and electrical outlet products in more than 40 different configurations.

If you are looking for a light dimmer switch, you'll find they are available in three different formats. Arnev Products, Inc. distributes a light dimmer switch with toggles, knobs and slides. You'll find each dimmer switch format is available in different colors. You can choose a switch color to blend in with your walls or stand out as a decorative element. Arnev products come with the hardware required for installation. Installing a light dimmer switch in your home is easily done in just a few steps. You can save time and money by installing light switches, light switch covers and other outlet products yourself.


The idea of working with electrical wiring can make some people nervous; however, installing a dimmer switch is a project many homeowners can do on their own. You will need a few tools for a dimmer switch installation project

• Phillips head screwdriver/slotted screwdriver
• Long nose pliers
• Wire stripper/wire cutter
• Voltage tester
• Dimmer/dimmer plate
• Mounting hardware

Arnev Products dimmer switch receptacles come with mounting hardware and installation instructions. Remember to turn off the electricity to the area you are working before beginning an installation project.  locate the room's breaker in the fuse box to turn off the power. When you have confirmed power has been cut off by testing the light switch on and off in the room. You'll need to remove the old light switch from the wall by unscrewing it from the wall box. Test the wires using your voltage tester when you have removed the switch plate cover.  Always make sure there is no electricity running through the wires before you touch them. Use wire cutters to trim frayed or damaged ends and strip wires as needed to attach them to the new dimmer switch.  Attach the new dimmer switch using pliers by following these installation instructions.
Items: 115 of 18, per page
Items: 115 of 18, per page